Meet 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update

A goon hits Meet with a stick while a bulldozer was heading towards the wall to break it. Manmeet stopped the bulldozer with a tractor and walked toward Meet, picking her up and making her sit on his head.

Chanda looks at Manmeet and asks how he can be dead during the attack. Goons run away. Manmeet mocks them. Meet and Manmeet beat them together. Other ladies help them. Meet looked at Manmeet and remembered her time with Meet Ahlawat. She stared at him continuously after he put her down.

He looks at her hand and says, “Come with me, you need medical care.”. Manmeet applying ointment on her bruises. Meet staring at him nonstop. Manmeet says I don’t understand, you fought alone with them. The meet asks who are you. He introduces himself as a wrestler and asks if she would like some lassi.

Sarkar and Jasodha are in the room. Sarkar asks Jasodha to break her oath and have food. Jasodha says she challenged us on our land. Sarkar says give me 10 days and I promise she will rub her nose in your face. Meet drinks lassi and starts crying. Manmeet gets tensed and gives her water to drink. Meet runs away from him.

Upon seeing Manmeet, Babita considers inviting him to meet Meet. Despite her looks, Meet Ahlawat is not my Meet Ahlawat, I know his memories are still fresh in my mind and my dream is to fulfill his dream and make that factory. I know she looks like him, but he is not my Meet Ahlawat.

After Jasodha banged his domg, every woman came out of the room. Jasodha asked everyone to bring out their favorite clothes and makeup because this mansion will be decorated within 10 days.

Jashoda’s daughter-in-law asks if someone is getting married, and she answers yes, a new daughter-in-law is coming within 10 days. As Meet tries to sleep, she remembers her meeting with Manmeet, she gets up, says I don’t want to remember him, why does his face keep coming back to her? She takes Meet Ahlawat’s photo, gets emotional, and says nobody else can fill your place.

Meet is trying to start her bike in the village. Manmeet stopped her and scolded her for her behaviour. Meet apologized to him and asked him to go away. Manmeet took out the keys to her bike and said to tell him first. Meet became irritated and slapped him.


One of Jasodha’s daughters-in-law outside the temple. She asks about her new daughter-in-law. We are outside the temple with Meet, Manmeet, and Chanda. Meet’s hankie flies away with the air from her head. Chanda asks how we can enter without covering our heads.

With a new dupatta on her plate, Jasodha says our new daughter-in-law has entered our home. Duppata flies away with air, Manmeet holds it and covers Meet’s head. Jasodha says the dupatta has reached its destination.

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