Vanraj’s anger and disappointment towards Toshu is understandable, as he has put his family in a difficult situation. He is trying to uphold his parental authority and make sure Toshu understand the consequences of his actions. Kinjal’s reaction is also understandable, as she has been asked to forgive someone who has put her family in a difficult situation. Leela’s reaction is perhaps the most admirable, as she is not sad to see her jewellery go, but instead is more concerned with how the family can benefit from it. It is clear that despite their differences, Vanraj, Kinjal and Leela still care deeply for their family and each other. Toshu should learn from their example and strive to be more considerate of the consequences of his actions in the future.

Anupama’s response to Little Anu’s question was full of wisdom. She highlighted the importance of quality time spent with family and the value of small vacations. Anupama also emphasized the importance of following rules and respecting boundaries. Her words were thoughtful and kind, yet meaningful and informative. Her words conveyed the importance of cherishing the moments we have with our loved ones and the vital role family plays in our lives.

Pakhi’s kind gesture to offer to press Hasmukh’s head is a testament to her selflessness and compassion. Samar’s guilt is understandable given his current income and inability to support his family financially, but Pakhi’s words of comfort remind him that emotional support is just as important and that he is helping in whatever way he can. Anu’s adoration for Maya is sweet, but Anuj’s suspicions are valid. It’s unclear whether Maya’s message saying they will always be together was intended to be a heartfelt promise or a more menacing warning, but Anupama is right to remind Anuj that it could be interpreted in a different way. It’s clear that Pakhi’s presence is a source of comfort and strength for the family, and it’s a testament to the family’s bond.

Vanraj’s words are a testament to the strength of the bond between him, Pakhi, Leela, and Anupama. Despite her departure, their love for her is still evident and they recognize that their happiness and wealth were due in part to her presence in the home. Leela’s harsh words are understandable given the difficult situation they are in, but we must remember that it is never right to curse someone. We hope that Anupama can soon come back and reunite with her family so that they can all experience the joy and love they once shared.

Dimple smiled warmly as she watched Little Anu hug her parents. She was happy to see the little one so excited and said she would make some hot chocolate for her. Little Anu then asked for a phone to call her MaaYa (as she has started calling Maya) , and Dimple asked if her friend had a phone. Anuj then said MaaYa was an adult woman, and Dimple suggested Little Anu should call elders by name. Little Anu responded that MaaYa had taught her to call by name. Dimple was surprised by this and asked who this Aunty was who was teaching such indiscipline. MaaYa eagerly waited for Little Anu’s call and the little one said her number was not reachable. Dimple then asked how this MaaYa was and how Little Anu remembered the number. Little Anu said MaaYa had got it byhearted for only her and started chatting with MaaYa about what she had done with her parents. Dimple smiled fondly at Little Anu’s excitement and the bond she shared with MaaYa.

Anupama was starting to get suspicious and confused about who this mysterious MaaYa was. She had taken the phone to try and get some answers, but the call had been abruptly cut off. Anuj had asked her to try and redial, but it seemed the phone was switched off now. Little Anu was disappointed that she had been unable to talk to MaaYa any further, so Anuj had taken her away to her room to help her freshen up and cheer her up. Anupama was left alone, still feeling confused and wondering who this MaaYa was.

Coming up next: Leela’s reaction is understandable, as she is trying to protect Toshu and his future. However, cursing Anupama is not the right way of dealing with the situation. It is important to remember that we should always try to lead by example and that our words and actions should be constructive and respectful towards others. Anupama’s decision was made with the best of intentions, and no one should be punished for trying to look out for someone else.

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