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As Jashoda tells Sarkar, you are right, I have committed a sin, I have always followed your orders, and even today I will accept everything you say. Sarkar stops Jashoda and says your punishment has just begun. Come to the verandah and Gunvanti calls Jalebi as well.

In the verandah, everyone gathered. Manmeet tries to talk to Jashoda, but Jashoda requests him to back off. Sarkar wipes Jashoda’s Sindoor and says you no longer deserve this sign of being my wife. Jashoda stands there in tears. Everyone feels bad for her. Jalebi and Imarti enjoy it.

According to Sarkar, the married couple applied kum kum prints after marriage. Sarkar shows a huge card which reads – Marriage of Jalebi and Bapu Sarkar. Sarkar prints his own hand and asks Jalebi to do the same. Jalebi steps forward and is about to print her hand when Manmeet says enough of this, my mother has never done anything wrong, she has always stood by you in all the ups and downs, and does that matter to you?

Meet kicks a pot at Jalebi, causing her to stumble. Sarkar tells her to stay within her limits. Meet walks up to him and says, “I won’t let this marriage happen.” Sarkar thinks that with this nonsense, you can stop me, you will be thrown out of this house in two days, who are you fighting for?

Meet says this is my family and if anyone on my family faces injustice I will fight for them and I won’t leave here. Sarkar says Jashoda has accepted her mistake, as have others, and no one will support you. As you wait and watch, this whole family will be with me and you will be standing alone because I am right and I will definitely win. Sarkar says this is my home and no one dares to challenge me.

When all limits are crossed, all fears become useless, all will dare soon, and I will keep fighting and you will dance on my victory. Sarkar laughs. Meet’s hand is left behind by Jashoda as she walks away. When Jashoda locks the door to her room, she breaks down and starts sobbing. In Manmeet’s room, Jashoda says, “Don’t worry, I won’t let this happen.” Shagun joins Manmeet and asks Jashoda to open the door. Manmeet says she isn’t answering so I hope she isn’t doing anything wrong.

It will affect us if Jashoda has to endure such punishment, Anuja asks Sundari. Gunvanti says Anuja is right. Anuja says Meet Didi is here and she will fight for us. Sundari says we need to stop this or everyone will get influenced by Bapu Sarkar. Imarti walks with Jalebi and says, “Come and see your new room.”

Gunvanti tells them that room is Jashoda’s and no one will be able to take her place. Imarti says back off and when my sister becomes Sarkar’s new wife, I will deal with you first. Your sister is still waiting there and look at my sister being crowned queen.

Jashoda says a wife does all this for her husband and my husband has given up on me. Manmeet breaks the door and gets inside. He sees Jashoda lying on the floor with her photo. He picks her up and asks why she is dressed like this and where is her jewellery. Jashoda says she does all of this for her husband, and he has given up on her.

Upon entering, Imarti and Jalebi say, “Good to meet you here, I want you to explain to my sister how to stay here, what Sarkar likes because she will be the new queen.” Imarti says she is no longer the queen here. In 5 days, my sister will rule, so Manmeet pushes her and says to come back after 5 days.

Shagun tells Manmeet that whatever is happening is because of Meet. She took the risk for Meet and look where we are now. This is all her evil revenge plan. In anger, Manmeet tells her that if this is her trick, she’ll make the biggest mistake of her life. In anger, Manmeet walks up to Meet and says you are wrong and pushes her. Meet stumbles and a drum of water falls. Manmeet blames Meet for his parent’s separation.

Meeting pulls two live wires from the water and drops them into the water, but Manmeet quickly steps on a wooden plank. Manmeet sits there and says for my mother her husband is everything, and because of her everything has fallen apart. After so long I found happiness, but thanks to you, I lost everything again. Stand here and feel the pain, how long will you stand here before you have to get down?

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