Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update

Meet Written episode for 27th March 2023, written update on

Bapu Sarkar asked Manmeet to leak Meet’s video in his room. Shagun standing behind Manmeet with clothes in her hand remembers Bapu Sarkar telling her that Manmeet fell towards Meet. He walks towards Shagun, who looks at his Kurta and says, “This is the same kurta I gave you as Shagun as a child. I remember her Mother giving you this.”

In his search for something to wear, Manmeet said he found this and wore it. Shagun said, “Do you remember that this is from Meet’s house? You are wearing it today, but tomorrow you will say she stood close to me, so I fell in love with her.” In response, Manmeet says, “Are you mad or what?” and walks away. Stop him, Shagun says, I’m unable to handle myself, eliminate her from our lives and if you can’t, kill me. Try to understand I can’t see you with her anymore.

Sarkar and Jasodha are getting Gathbandhan together. Gunwanti tells Sapna that Meet is different from everyone else in this house, no one cares about her, but she still fights for her maaji and always says that this is her family. You are right, Sapna says.

After listening to everything, Mahendra walks away and says that Meet is making her space inside women and changing roles and regulations, trying to erase our identity. In a flash, Mahendra turns off the electricity and plays a video of Sarkar and Jasodha, and then a video of Inspector Bhati and Meet.

Upon seeing the video, everyone is shocked. Shagun walks up to Meet and slaps her, telling her, “This is your reality celebrating Holi with your lover.” Everyone can see Meet is having an affair with Inspector Bhati. She tells Manmeet that he did a great job taking this video, otherwise, she would be playing games with everyone.

A man says Sarkar was telling the truth about her character. Gunwanti also scolds Meet for her behaviour and asks why she is with Manmeet when she likes Inspector Bhati. Meet walks up to Manmeet and asks him if he shot the video. When I was angry with you during Holi, Manmeet hesitated and replied yes.

Manmeet doesn’t need to give an explanation, Shagun shows her divorce papers and says you can use the video in court as proof of your divorce from Meet. Shagun told Sarkar about Manmeet’s situation, and he says I have a way. You have to follow that path alone and tell her about the video and ask her to leak the video.

She says that now I know it was Manmeet’s plan to make you fall down on the back side of the house, so he can record everything and use it as evidence in court for a divorce. Manmeet slaps Meet in anger and walks away. Shagun asks Manmeet if he is alright. Manmeet does not answer her.

Meet is crying outside the house. Sarkar and Manmeet walk to meet and remember what Shagun said. My son Manmeet loves his family, so whatever he did was for them, and because of that I accepted her mother, and in return, he damaged your character. Today’s thunder was nothing, but tomorrow when she goes to court she will ruin your reputation and character once more.

Sarkar looks at Manmeet and says I want her reputation to be ruined in front of media and civilians so that everyone remembers and this news should be circulated among a few more villages so that no women dare to stand alone, will you do this much for your father? Sarkar says good if you had said no I wouldn’t have identified you as my son. Manmeet says I cannot lose you and walks in.

Manmeet was in his room when Meet came to him and said that every time he had betrayed her, she’d remained quiet- but what he did today had changed her opinion of him – he was just like everyone else and the worst. Manmeet retorted that it was good if they were going to be free of each other, considering she wasn’t like other women who stayed inside the house as she wanted to work outside. Meet argued that Manmeet took pride in being a man and having strength, so why hadn’t he acted like one instead of making videos and using false excuses, which made him appear cowardly? She asked why hadn’t he let her die at least- then she would have passed on believing him to be a good person, but instead, he had killed her spirit- therefore she hated him.

The man says you hate me because we didn’t love each other earlier, and my dad is everything to me, so I’ll do as he asks, and he walks away. Meet is alone in the room crying.


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