Pandya Store 29th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 29th March 2023, Written Update on

Suman asks Dhara to play music and dance. Dhara says fine, as you say. She gets a Bluetooth speaker, plays music, and does Tandav in anger. Suman looks on. Gautam comes. Suman cries. Dhara says, “See, I’m so happy,”.

Dhara is held in Gautam’s arms as he asks her what is going on. Suman says she likes loneliness, so she is dancing. Dhara says her taunt breaks her heart, she said she would have stopped them by doing something. Suman said lie, you would have stopped them by doing something. Suman said I did it, look at this, I got train tickets, how will Dev go. She recalls stealing the tickets from Dev’s pocket. Dev searches for the tickets.

Natasha says she wants to go home. Rishita argues with Dev. She consoles Natasha. She reminds Raavi that she is taking Mittu with her. Raavi asks her to take care of Mittu. Mittu wants to know where Dev is going. Gautam asks where Dev is going.

The Dhara says Dev is coming back, he will not leave. When Gautam gets angry, he calls Dev. Dev says, come fast, the train is almost here. Mittu asks for his mother. Dev says she will be there right away. Mittu says he wants to talk to her right now. Rishita asks Dev to contact Raavi. Mittu talks to Raavi. He tells her to take medicine for her leg injury and come over.

Prerna worries. The lawyer says I will suggest, you don’t spend a moment with her in private. Shweta says Krish was dancing with me in Holi, get the CCTV footage. He says I need some money for this work. She says you don’t need to worry about money. She reminds him and says I helped you in Mumbai. He says I can’t forget. FB shows Shivank begging the people for money.

She asks if you are from Somnath. He says yes. She asks for the address. He gives it to her. She asks for his mum’s name. He says Prafulla. She asks do you know Pandyas. He says that’s my Bua’s house, you go there. She gives him money. She asks him to call him. He thanks, who are you? She says your Bhabhi, I’m Krish’s wife Shweta. He says you’re my Gurumaa, thanks. Shweta asks Shivank to go and do her work. Gautam throws the phone.

He goes and looks for alcohol. Krish and Prerna come home. Suman and Dhara ask Gautam to stop. He pushes Dhara. Krish shouts. Gautam says my family is shattered, Dev left me, and I can’t deal with this pain. He drinks and pushes Krish, too. Suman says enough now, come to me. Dev and Rishita arrive in Ahmedabad.

Rishita says no need to reply to Dhara’s call. They enter with the kids into their house. The doctor calls Dhara. He says your reports have come in, your kidney has matched with Natasha’s kidney. Krish says I’m here for you. Dhara cries happily. Suman asks what happened, tell me. Dhara tells Suman Chutki has a donor.

Suman asks Gautam to come. Dhara says my kidney matches. Everyone is happy. Suman asks if Dhara will give him his kidney. Dhara nods. Gautam says forgive me, Dhara, I misbehaved with you. She taunts him. He apologizes. Dhara says he apologizes to Suman. She scolds him. She says I won’t forgive him this time.


Dev says our phones have been off since yesterday. We need to talk to the doctor as well. The doctor calls Rishita and says we’ve got a donor for your daughter.

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