Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

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Hearing resumes in court. Paakhi’s lawyer says Patralekha Chavan suffered a serious accident some time back, in which she received treatment from Dr. Pulkit and Dr. Sai; Dr. Pulkit and Dr. Sai. When Dr Sai performed his client’s surgery twice, with the wrong intention of taking revenge, he removed her uterus and permanently snatched her right to become a mother. In distress, she saw an opportunity for revenge.

His ex-wife Sai came back with the wrong intention of breaking her house; her hatred overtook her personal and professional lives and took revenge on her instead of treating her well. According to her, her whole family used to love her before but now they don’t since she is infertile due to Dr Sai. She also accuses Dr Pulkit of supporting Sai in her heinous act and says their degrees should be revoked.

A judge asks Sai to speak. He says Paakhi had a serious accident and since her husband was three hours away, they shifted her to a nearby nursing home and performed her operation. Paakhi’s lawyer claims the situation was intentionally created. Sai says he wouldn’t have said this if he had seen Paakhi’s condition at that time. The judge questions Dr Satya about the nursing home visit. He asks what was the necessity for the operation. He believes they found an opportunity out of necessity.

Satya asks Sai if they knew they couldn’t treat Paakhi. Sai says even though he is a doctor, he knows saving a patient’s life is more important than following protocol. Everyone is shocked by Satya’s statement. Sai asks what he’s saying. Satya says that when Dr Sai and Pulkit can’t prove their point, they should have let Paakhi die.

Judge says it is their duty to recall the oath they took and to save their patients first. It was proven that Dr Sai and Pulkit performed their duty well during the first surgery and saved Paakhi, so Dr Satya was trying to say saving the patient’s life is the most important for a doctor. According to Paakhi’s lawyer, a second surgery proves their competence.

The lawyer asks if Paakhi has any proof of the second surgery that was performed as a result of her carelessness. Virat says he is evidence and says Paakhi wandered and took medicine instead of resting and climbing stairs, even after a stern warning. When she slipped from stairs and injured herself, his parents were present. Ashwini and Ninad agree.

Virat is right, Paakhi says, but Sai is responsible for that since her husband was paying attention to Sai instead of her; she was in mental trauma and saw her husband give mouth-to-mouth breathing Sai instead of getting her out of a bus; she was unconscious when Dr Sai took a decision by herself and removed her uterus to avenge herself.

According to Dr Pulkit, Virat had consented. Paakhi claims Sai manipulated Virat and wants to grab Vinayak and Virat. She says she does not want to be around Virat and will never be interested in him. She requests the judge to discuss only this case. She says Vinayak is Virat and her son. Paakhi shouts Vinayak is her son. Sai says the truth won’t change with her shouting.

As the judge asks Sai and Paakhi to calm down, Paakhi’s lawyer apologizes for her emotional outburst and asks Sai why she is staying in her ex-husband’s house. The lawyer accuses her of wanting a son if not a father, proving Sai interferes with Paakhi’s marriage. According to him, the judge should revoke Sai’s license because she poses a threat to her patients and is giving a scalpel to a killer.

Satya says he wants to question Virat to prove Paakhi right. Judge says he is not a lawyer to question Virat. Satya says it is important and medically related. The judge permits him. After the accident, Satya asks Virat how Paakhi was found. As Virat tells it, Paakhi fell from a cliff, and Sai found him in a lake, fighting against a crocodile to save him.

Virat says he saw Sai fight with the crocodile. Paakhi asks who saw that. Satya says he will question Paakhi and prove Sai and Pulkit removed Paakhi’s uterus unnecessarily. Virat says Sai doesn’t like him, maybe he’s trying to take revenge from her. Satya asks Paakhi how she considers Sai a human being.


Paakhi reveals her intentions to Dr Satya when he asks provocative questions. The judge rules in Sai’s favour, and Virat congratulates him.

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