Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Virat reaches Varsha’s area, Sai is cleaning her forehead of ash. He asks if she is fine, and if Kamble misbehaved with her. Sai says she slapped Kamble and taught him a lesson. Virat asks why she clashed with a goon and risked her life. Sai asks who is questioning her.

Savi asks Virat, did she think what would happen to him if something happened to her. Sai says she is just a guest in his house, he should mind his own business and let her do her job.

He says let’s go. She asks why she should go with him. He says if they are going to the same place, she should accompany him. She agrees after much argument and gets into the car with him.

Sai recalls his subordinate telling him Kamble throws ash on his enemies before harming them. He asks why he has stopped, and he lets go. He drives.

Virat and Sai walk in while Savi and Vinu play badminton. Ashwini cheers them up. Pakhi smiles from the balcony. Vinu gets upset seeing Sai and runs to Pakhi saying he doesn’t wish to be with Sai. She tells Virat that she was waiting for him and wants to play badminton with both baba and aayi.

Sai asks if he should pick up and drop off Aayi daily. Sai says he should accompany baba daily. Savi insists to play games with Aayi, baba, and Vinu.

Sai looks at Vinu hiding behind Pakhi and says let’s go in now and send her in. In telling Virat that they created a huge distance between her and Vinu, he will soon hand Vinu over to her. Virat said she should call him if she faces any problems at night. Sai walks away, saying she can take care of herself by herself.

Virat orders his subordinate to send him Ajay Kamble’s criminal records. Subordinate sends Kamble’s chargesheet and asks what happened to Kamble. Virat says he’ll let him know later.

Pakhi accuses him of not paying attention to Kamble since he entered the room and as if chatting with Sai for the whole day wasn’t enough he is still chatting with her.

He hears a noise near the gate and rushes out fearing Kamble’s men are trying to harm Sai. He notices 2 youths enjoying alcohol in public and warns them not to drink it.

Pakhi alleges that he is acting like a teenager and that he went to the outhouse to meet Sai. He then returns to his room. She is warned to shut up by Virat and he asks her if she thinks that all of the world is behind her husband or if her husband is having an illegitimate affair, neither he nor Savi think of each other all the time, but Pakhi is always thinking about them and gets racing thoughts, he has better work to do than all hiss, etc.

When Kamble jumps into Chavan nivas via a wall, he gets into the outhouse and kidnaps Savi. Savi shouts baba. Virat wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare. He sits outside the outhouse to protect Sai and Savi.

The next day, Pakhi wakes up and finds Virat gone. She finds Sai’s sari drying nearby. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Mein song plays in the background.

She sees Virat asleep outside the outhouse covered in Sai’s sari. She yells at him, warning him not to act like a teenager lover, but he doesn’t listen. She tears the sari off with scissors.

Pakhi frames Sai’s earring and puts it on the wall so Virat can see it while entering and leaving the house instead of hiding in it. Sai finds her earring missing. Pakhi shows her earring and asks if she is searching for it.

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