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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 25th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

She says I will cook on wood today. Dadi says no need, Savita sent the sweets, and food will also be delivered. Faltu says the stove oil ran out. Ayaan says I’ll get it, but I don’t know where to get it. Ayaan says we will take the sweets, not the food. She says Faltu saved the baby and Savita and Janardhan will soon accept your relationship.

Kumkum asks what’s all this about. Ayaan says nothing will change in our family; otherwise, Mom would have gotten these sweets here. Savita orders a cradle. Tanu and Sid come home wearing garlands. Everyone is stunned. They hear noise and go to see. Sumitra welcomes Sid and Tanu. Savita asks if they got married. Kanika says yes, you’re right, you asked Tanu to move on, so she agreed.

Sumitra asks Tanu to come inside. Govind says Tanu and Sid got married. You didn’t tell anyone, how can you decide it alone, Janardhan and Maa decide together. Harsh asks how you can marry. Sid and Tanu watch. Sumitra argues. Dadi says you should have told us if you wanted to get married. Kanika says you always neglected Tanu’s happiness and encouraged Ayaan’s mistake.

In response, Dadi scolds Sumitra. Sumitra says Ayaan and Tanu should not have married. Tanu acts sweet. She says I want to become this family’s house, I love Ayaan and this family, so when Sid told me he loves me and wants to marry me, I thought I’d give him a chance.

Sid says I have always loved Tanu, but I thought Ayaan also loved her. I did not wish to come between them; if I knew Ayaan was ruining Tanu’s life, I would not have allowed the marriage to take place. Sumitra asks Tanu to come in. Tanu asks Ayaan to tell everyone what we did wrong. Then Dadi asks Savita to call Janardhan and we will speak to him. Tanu stands at the door, saying Janardhan will never go against me. Faltu says he’s sure Tanu and Kanika are plotting something. Ayaan says we have no right to discuss their issues.

Govind scolds Sid and says I don’t accept this marriage. Kanika says you have to take Janardhan’s permission. Ayaan says I know they have some personal agenda, you heard what Kanika said.

She mocks Govind and Harsh for always obeying Janardhan. She says I won’t let this family snatch my daughter’s happiness. Ayaan insists that Faltu come with her. Tanu says, “Wait, Ayaan and Faltu’s grand wedding will also take place today.” Savita says Janardhan will never agree. Tanu says they should have a chance, and Ayaan scolds her for deciding on their behalf.

Kumkum asks what their plan is. Harsh says he doesn’t know. Savita says we can’t decide until Janardhan comes. Kanika calls Janardhan.

In response to his question, she replies that Sid and Tanu got married. He asks what they did. She responds that they thought well, we are waiting for your permission for the Graha Pravesh.

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