Faltu 28th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

I had defamed Faltu, Tanisha says. Ayaan gets angry. Janardhan asks what you’re saying. It’s true, I crossed the line in love with Ayaan, and his love turned into madness for me, I didn’t realise when I got between Ayaan and Faltu’s love, and I got defeated so badly, as you have seen. I have realized that love is immeasurable and even sacrifice is immeasurable, how long shall I tie Ayaan to my marriage?

Ayaan’s happiness is true, Faltu’s love is true, and she made Ayaan away for his happiness, I realized my mistake, please forgive me. Faltu says but you got me my eye operation. Tanisha says I wanted to win your trust to take advantage of you, I have become the worst in love.

Ayaan never loved Tanu, and he wants to spend his life with Faltu. Kanika says don’t do this Tanu. Tanu says no Mom, I won’t be quiet. Janardhan says don’t blame yourself. He scolds Ayaan for making a mistake, not a crime. Tanu loves Ayaan so much, Tanu is his wife and our bahu. I won’t let anyone else take your place in this house and in Ayaan’s life.

Tanisha ruined Faltu’s life. Faltu says stop it all of you. She scolds Tanu. She says this city has snatched everything from me. Spare me, I don’t want to stay with you. Faltu asks Ayaan to leave her hand. Tanu unites Ayaan and Faltu. She says I will marry both of you. Sumitra and Sid smile. So I divorce Ayaan.

Kanika says Ayaan insulted my Tanu, how dare he say that Tanu has done a lot for him? The woman cries. She says, “I can’t believe this, what did we do, did we get you both married under gunpoint?” Ayaan says don’t forget you had to use all your power and position to ruin Faltu, you and Tanu didn’t think once, Faltu was making sacrifices to save Tanu’s married life, and you punished her.

If you don’t ask Faltu to leave then you can also leave with her. Faltu says don’t punish Ayaan please, I am leaving this house; Tanisha won’t divorce Ayaan. Janardhan says Kanika is angry, watch your tone. Tanu is scolded by her. She asks her not to act innocent. When she asks Ayaan to stay with his family, he says no, please do not do this. She tears up and leaves. He breaks down. Judaai plays. Everyone gets sad for Ayaan.

It is a relation of births, not a game, so keep the marriage, no one will talk about Faltu now, Janardhan says. Ayaan hugs his mother.

Despite everything going well, Faltu spoiled my game. I had allowed her to rule the house, but she spoiled it. Sumitra says that Faltu may not love Ayaan. In Sid’s opinion, I have seen her love, Ayaan said I love you to her, Tanu is ready to divorce him, Faltu demonstrated her principles, and she should have said I love you as well, and I would have gotten Tanu.

Tanu asks Ayaan to give Faltu some time. She says to focus on convincing her. She asks how can you act great when you’re still in love. Sid says she had no choice, maybe she lost hope in Ayaan. Ayaan asks how can you act great when you’re still in love with Faltu. Tanu says she had no choice, maybe she lost hope in Ayaan.

Sorry, I got selfish, you love Faltu, think about what I went through, I always loved you and dreamed of spending my life with you, so I want to unite you both. She asks will you let her go so easily, look at yourself. He says I don’t believe you. She says I can understand, I want to repent for my deeds, can you forgive me?

Kanika asks Tanu what are you thinking now. Tanu says let me do what I want. Kanika leaves.


Kanika gets revenge on Faltu after Tanisha signs the divorce papers and asks Ayaan to speak to Faltu’s dad.

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