Faltu 13th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

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Ayaan sees Neil and Faltu dancing. Neil holds her face while Aayan drinks and cries. Ayaan punches him. Faltu slaps Ayaan. She imagines this. She says she doesn’t know what everyone thinks of me. Neil says people will think about how much we love each other. She says Ayaan hasn’t said anything. Ayaan drops the glass. He sings Acha chalta hoon.

The women engage in gossip upon witnessing the scene. Ayaan clasps Faltu’s hand and then extends it to Neil before departing with his family. Faltu mentions, “I’ll be right back.” Ayaan expresses, “I don’t wish to return home.” Janardhan remarks, “You terminated this relationship yourself.” Kinshuk concurs, stating, “Indeed, you’re intoxicated.” Ayaan retraces his steps and asserts his desire to converse with Faltu. Neil implores Dada ji to request Ayaan’s departure and asks Tanu to reason with Ayaan.

The academy calls and asks what you are doing here. Ayaan says you didn’t go to the academy, you can’t neglect your dream for marriage, don’t miss this chance to play nationals, practice, I don’t want to stand in between Neil and you. She says you want to become great. He says don’t lose this chance. He asks Neil, you love her, right? You don’t let her go from her dream, her dream is your dream.

Neil says you don’t give me lectures on life partners, just leave now. Tanu asks Ayaan to come. Ayaan says he’s not giving you a lecture, he just wants to point out that Faltu came to this city with a dream, but a lot happened to her because of me. Don’t let her lose her dream. He leaves. She thinks you’re trying to get rid of your guilt.

In their residence, Savita notices Ayaan sleeping and suggests to Tanu, “Attempt to send Ayaan to Sid.” Tanu responds, “I’ve made an effort, but he dispatched Harsh there instead. No need to fret.” Savita departs, and Tanu shares her determination, “I will transform their sham marriage into a genuine one.” Meanwhile, Faltu’s thoughts are consumed by Ayaan, leading her to shed tears. Dada ji presents her with a cricket kit and imparts, “Cricket is your passion. Head to the academy tomorrow and persist, don’t give up.”

Dada ji says stop the marriage drama now, Ayaan cares for her, your drama won’t work, focus on cricket instead. He says we have to see if he has changed, and if he has not, then she shouldn’t go back to him. We should continue this plan, since Ayaan is our last chance to test him.

She mentions that if he doesn’t arrive, then… He assures her of his arrival, asserting, “Leave it to me. Prepare yourself for the wedding.” Dada ji cautions against excessive confidence, asking what they would say to others if Ayaan fails to show up and the wedding proceeds. Neil privately wishes the wedding didn’t halt and escorts Dada ji away. As she clutches the bat tightly, her tearful sobs resonate in the air.


Ayaan says she wants to play cricket and stay happy. Neil says Ayaan is selfish. Faltu asks him to stop.

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