Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on Worldofentertainment.in:

In the episode, the doctor examines Janardhan and says stress is poison to him, so keep him happy and take care of him. Faltu stays with the family. She tells him Ayaan is alone there and he has no one with him. She asks him to think about him at least once. I’ll make everything fine, don’t worry, she says. She gets Akshay’s call. She says a big meeting is going to happen in the office today, so let me know if anything is important. He says he will try. Faltu prepares the soup for Janardhan. She asks Amar to take it. Ayesha asks what happened to Dad. Faltu says Dad fell in the bathroom today, he’s unable to breathe, and he’s not well.

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Faltu asks Ayesha why no one told her about this when it happened. She sends Amar. Ayesha argues. She says you are angering me, you have made Kinshuk against me, and you are selfish. She says you are angering me. As a result of Tanisha, Ayaan is in jail, and Faltu says how I can support her. She is taking our house and business. It is my request that you do not play with the future of my child, I have supported you, please let us stay in peace. Faltu says don’t say this. Ayesha leaves. Ayaan is in jail. He says he has stomach pains suddenly. The inspector requests that a doctor be called.

Faltu asks what happened to Ayaan and says I’m his wife. The doctor says he has a stomach infection; let him eat the homemade food, Inspector agrees. Faltu says I’ll get homemade food for you. Ayesha says we will leave this house. Kinshuk says I won’t leave Dad and family. Ayesha says Faltu said she wouldn’t leave. He scolds her and defends Faltu.

Ayesha says if Faltu leaves the house, everything will get fine, and our baby’s future will be secure. Faltu says I’m putting you and your family at risk. Ayaan says no, Tanisha is evil, and everyone stands with you. You aren’t the same, Kinshuk says. I’ll stay away. Ayaan says I’m the luckiest person I know, I love you. Faltu says I love you too, it’s my promise, I’ll get you out of here soon, and I’m tracing down the company’s owner. Ayaan asks her to watch out for Tanu and Kanika. I will send you the food, she says.

Kanika says we are about to finalize a big deal, and if Faltu gets the proof of Ayaan’s innocence, we’ll be trapped, we can’t help him now. Tanu says no, it’s for Ayaan, I won’t tell anyone where I kept them. Akshay hears it.

Ruhaan’s manager and lawyer arrive at Kanika’s house. They say Ruhaan will meet you when the time comes. Kanika signs the documents and gives them to them. Akshay says Ruhaan didn’t come today, manager said he meets only those he wants. Faltu suggests he follow the manager and the lawyer, who will know about Ruhaan’s office and house. He agrees to meet him once. She says he will understand if I explain to him.

My son has done wrong, so I will leave this house and not stay with Sid and Sumitra. Dadi says I understand your dilemma, but if you leave them alone, who will explain to Sid and Sumitra their mistake? He says he won’t stay with them, nobody will force me to do so.

Ayaan is approached by Tanu. She asks if you are okay, Faltu forced me to do this, and I wish she agreed, otherwise, JM mart’s name would get spoiled. Akshay says I have reached here. Faltu says I will come. Ayaan scolds Tanu. Tanu says your family will leave in two weeks. Mom has given your dad an ultimatum.


Seeing Ruhaan, he slaps the guard and says if anything happens to his sister, he won’t leave anyone. He asks the inspector to locate his sister.

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