Faltu 29th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 29th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode opens, Faltu recalls her trick and smiles. Ayaan packs her stuff. She falls. Ayaan holds her. They have a romantic moment. He asks her how she is so calm. She replies, “I’m prepared.” Sid looks at Tanu. He says I wasn’t seeing you, I came to sleep. He takes his bedding and says this marriage is real for everyone. She says no, I’m tired now. He says it’s over.

She says she’s just doing this for Ayaan. He says he’ll make this marriage real very soon. Tanu wakes up to Sumitra asking her to prepare the bhog. She says Baba said if we make the bhog, we’ll rule. Tanu says we will order sweets. Sumitra says we have to order them. Tanu says I don’t know how to cook, I have never prepared food for Ayaan, and I have no connection to this house. Dadi asks what Tanu means. Tanu says you do not regard me as your wife.

In the evening, Dadi says that Sumitra wants to prepare bhog with you, but we told Faltu not to do that, so what is Sumitra hiding from us? Sumitra lies to Dadi and sends Faltu away. Sumitra and Tanu prepare the food. Ayaan asks if I am dreaming. Faltu smiles and says baba did this, I live in this house, I know it, Sumitra told me, she can do whatever she wants for her motive. She shows him a demo. Faltu says I will make the bhog. Sumitra says no, Tanu and I will handle everything, you go for the trial match, best of luck, go and play well.

Faltu says no, Dadi will get angry, I will handle Dadi, okay, I will go if you say so. Sumitra says fine. Faltu smiles. Ayaan says tell me the truth, you look happy. She says no, why are you staring at me, haven’t you seen a beautiful girl before? He tells me what you did. She tells him she has become baba and tricked them. He asks what. She says you always get angry. She tells him everything.

He says fine. Tanu hears them and thinks I’ll check how you’re doing. Ayaan asks Amar to get Faltu’s protein shake. Sumitra says I’ll cut dry fruits. Tanu asks Amar to get the Haldi box. She spikes the protein shake. She gets angry. He takes the shake to Faltu. Faltu drinks it. Ayaan and Faltu reach the academy. He encourages her to play well. He says you are the best, and I’m proud of you. Sumitra and Tanu make the bhog.

Dadi and Savita look on. Sumitra says kheer burned. Dadi said what would we keep for bhog now, Sumitra you become Saas, you don’t know how to cook. Sumitra asks Dadi not to taunt her. Faltu meets the players. Faltu goes to play. She warms up. She feels unwell. Ayaan prays for her. Faltu feels a lot of things are at stake.


Ayaan worries about Faltu after she coughs blood and faints during the trial match.

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