Faltu 18th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Sid sees Faltu leave from the balcony. He says Rocky is getting girls in his room and that he’ll see him in the morning. Faltu and the chawl guys enter the pub. She says that if we catch the leader, our work will be done. She scares the girl. The girl gets shocked seeing her. The girl asks did he take my name. Faltu says yes, accept your crime. She says I didn’t do anything, let me go. They leave.

After Faltu takes her to the chawl, she says she has proof against you. The girl says you are lying. Faltu asks the guys to show Vishal’s video. She says I will send the video to the media, then your cricket career will be ruined. Faltu scolds her. She sends the video to the media, then your cricket career will be ruined.

Ayaan gave me the money, the girl says. Faltu says it’s a lie, I’ll take you to the police station. Ayaan did this, check my bank statement, you’ll know. The guy says she’s scared, she won’t lie, what will happen to her, accept that Ayaan did this. The girl smiles and recalls Kanika’s words. She goes. Faltu says I’ll go to Mittal house. The guy asks what’s left for you.

I’ll go and ask Ayaan, he has to answer me. Tanisha talks to Ayaan and cries missing her dad. He consoles her. She says dad has sent you to take care of me, sorry you also got sad, I feel whoever I love leaves me, so I am possessive of you and mom, if anyone leaves from my life, I will die, please don’t leave me.

The next morning, Janardhan shouts at Rocky. Everyone asks what happened. Faltu cries in her room. She says Ayaan showed me big dreams and did this, he needs to explain to me why he did it. Janardhan asks Faltu who he is and what’s your status in the house. Faltu says I am a servant cooking food for the family. Janardhan asks if he should remind him. Ayaan asks what happened. Janardhan says ask him what was the girl doing in your room at night. I saw her jumping out of your window. He asks Rocky to leave.

It would be a misunderstanding. Janardhan scolds Rocky. Dadi asks if any girl came to your room yesterday. Sid says yes, even I saw it. Ayaan asks who she was and if she was your girlfriend. It was me, Faltu thinks. She says she’s my girlfriend, she came to surprise me. Sorry, I asked her not to come here. Dadi says fine, be careful next time. Ayaan says you should have told me, you can trust me. Faltu says it’s all about trust.

She says she is fighting with her fate for I don’t know what to do, I have work. She leaves. Tanisha says Faltu reached the academy girls. Kanika says we have framed Ayaan, and Faltu won’t do anything. Tanisha says he has gone to work. Kanika says they have proof against him, how can they deny it, and money has been transferred from his bank account. The chawl guys refuse to tell Ayaan anything about Faltu. He runs and catches them.


He creates a fake social media page for Faltu. The chawl guy says Ayaan came here to find you. Faltu is worried.

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