Kumkum Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Pallavi is asked to go to the office to meet Khushi. Dida asks if you don’t know how to talk to kids. The worker says I have handled many girls like her. In response, Pallavi tells her that she will complain to her son about him. Aryan threatens to call the police. Khushi refuses to join her.

As a result of your acting and drama, I will not let you meet your Shiv. Pallavi, Dida, and Aryan are shocked. Meera asks Satish to expel Ranbir from the house. Satish says this guy is mad, we can’t give the child to everyone and says you are different and claim to be his father. Ranbir says I am her father. Pallavi tells Meera that Khushi is her daughter and that they learned about her in the hospital. Ranbir replies that it was fate that she sold flowers at the signal.

Ranbir says he’ll bring the DNA test report. Meera asks why you didn’t tell me when I took her to your house. Dida says we’re hiding the fact. Ranbir says he’ll bring the DNA test report. Satish says you’ll bring a fake DNA report due to your madness and refuses to give him Khushi. He says he will file a case against their orphanage. Meera says your anger and frustration prove that you don’t deserve to be a parent. She tells him to leave. Pallavi says we can go from here.

Prachi refuses to eat food. Dadi tells Shahana they will not eat either. Shahana says you are my strength, and if you lose it, I will be lost as well. Prachi asks her not to cry. Shahana asks her not to cry. Shahana says Panchi is found, and says she will come to you shortly. Prachi says if everything was fine, she would have got Khushi, and she feels like losing her.

As you are crying here, Dadi says she might be feeling pain and missing you. He says we must become each other’s strength and not give up. Ranbir, Pallavi and Dida arrive at the lawyer’s office. Ranbir asks Pallavi and Dida how they could say such things about him.

Pallavi tries to make him understand to control his anger and says that if you can’t handle yourself, then how can you handle the little girl? If you can’t handle your anger, then you can’t get her. Ranbir says he doesn’t know what to do, and wonders when the lawyer will show up. A lawyer arrives. Ranbir asks where you were. The lawyer says he was in court, he told Aryan, and he said whatever happened. Ranbir says I told them that I would remarry soon, but they refused.

A lawyer says they’re looking for your present, not your future. Ranbir asks him to sue the orphanage. He says he can sue them, but if they sue them and they give Khushi to someone for adoption, then they can’t do anything. Ranbir asks whether there is law and order here. Khushi looks for Ranbir. The worker asks her to come with her and says you can’t meet Shiv. Khushi says Shiv is my Papa. The worker says you don’t have a papa. Khushi bites the worker.

You won’t be going to the room now, but to the darkroom now. She locks her in the dark storeroom and goes. Khushi knocks on the door and calls Shiv and Parvati.

As soon as Prachi realizes Khushi is in trouble, she informs Dadi. She asks Shahana to check. Dadi tells her to handle herself. A doorbell rings. Shahana opens the door. Akshay comes in. She asks Akshay if Khushi came. He asks if you are fine. Prachi says she had gone to the orphanage, but they declined to accept her. She asks him to go and get Khushi. She says if you could do this, then I would never forget your favours.

She says she has given her sleeping pills to calm her mind, but she is still not relieved. She says she needs Khushi and Akshay says he will put her in the room. Khushi falls on the table and tells herself that Shiv and Parvati told her I am very brave, but if I cry like this, nothing will be okay.

As she sees a window, she moves the chairs away and climbs up to open it. She finds the window tied with strings and tries to break it. She then gets a small steel stick and tries to open it.

Prachi tells Shahana that Khushi might be waiting for me and that she might have thought I lied to her, and that she will go there and inform her. She hugs her and tells her if you go there now, Khushi will feel that you are weak and asks her to handle herself. It will only take one night, and we’ll get her tomorrow.

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