Faltu 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu says I will get caught if someone knocks on the door. Sid asks Ayaan what’s wrong. Ayaan says Rocky might be sick. Sid checks the door and declares it locked from the inside. In the room, they don’t see anyone. Sid says the window is open, did he leave? Ayaan asks, but why? They break the door. They check the room and don’t see anyone.

Sid asks Faltu where he went. Ayaan asks how she got here. She says from the bathroom. Ayaan says Sid will explain. Ayaan says I got worried for you, you didn’t open the door, sorry, you didn’t answer. Sid says you asked me to break the door. She asks why. Ayaan says I got my favourite clothes for you. She says thanks, go now, shall I wear it and show, go now, I’m tired. They leave.

After shutting the door, Sid hugs Ayaan’s clothes and says, “I can’t be mad, I have come here to make Vishal admit the truth, and then I will ask Kanika why she did this.”. He says they were here, who sent them? Faltu and her friend come in. The nurse says I didn’t send anyone. Vishal asks about the two guys who came last night. She says you might be drunk. He says they were here, who sent them?

In response, Vishal asks who you are and why you came here. The nurse said she didn’t send you. Faltu says you accepted your crime and this video proves it. It is either tells me the name of the person who did this or see your destruction. Vishal asks who you are, did Faltu send you?

Taking off the fake getup, she says “I’m Faltu Singh, what do you want to do now?”. She scolds him and asks him to be honest. I’m telling the truth, don’t send this video to anyone, I did it for money, and I don’t have any personal vendetta against you. She says Kanika gave you the money.

She gets shocked when he tells her that Ayaan Mittal has ruined her career. The woman asks him to tell the truth, and he says he’s not lying, he’s helping Ayaan, because he’s her son-in-law, and Ayaan got me here to do the drama. He says you insulted him a lot, you cheated him, so he did this. She asks him to prove it. He says I knew you wouldn’t believe me, but check this bank message.

She runs on the road and recalls Ayaan’s words. She falls down. She cries and shouts. He says the bank message won’t lie, right, you decide whether to believe it or not. She says I’m fine, they ask her to calm down. She says I have to talk to those girls. Did Ayaan pay them money? Vishal might have called Kanika and Ayaan and alerted them, we have to get in touch with them.

I won’t take your phone, don’t worry. Kanika threatens him. He says you want to trap me. He also threatens her. Tanisha says Faltu won’t digest this easily. She might confront Ayaan. Tanisha says her life will be ruined, Dad left me, Ayaan would leave me, you will also leave me and I will be alone. Kanika hugs her.

Ayaan can refuse, but the proof is against him. Tanisha says if we get caught, then… Faltu comes home. Dr Ajit gets the vegetables and says they’re from our farm. Faltu sees Ajit and hides. Dadi asks Ajit to meet Ayaan. Amar drops the vegetable crate. Faltu worries when Ajit helps him. Ayaan comes. Dadi asks him to meet Ajit. Our manager’s son came last time to meet you but was unable to meet you. Ayaan sees Ajit and says you. Seeing Faltu hiding, Sumitra asks: “What are you doing here, hiding and hearing everyone’s words?”. Dadi tells Rocky not to waste food.

Faltu introduces Rocky to Ajit. Ajit says he saw you somewhere. Faltu acts. She goes to help Amar. Ayaan says he needs to talk to her. They go. Faltu wonders what he wants.


As Ayaan says, I didn’t give you anything, but I promise that I won’t let anyone steal your dream, that I will make you a cricketer, and that I will be there for you no matter what.

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