Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th September 2023 Written Update


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As Sahiba is busy with the family, Angad looks at her. Simran invites Angad to join them, but Angad walks away. The song Pyar Jhoota Hai To Jataya Hi Kyun… plays in the background. When Angad returns to his room, he begins drinking. He believes Sahiba never loved him. Sahiba recalls Angad and Seerat’s conversation and falls into the pool.

As soon as Angad hears the sound, he gets her out of the water. He shouts if she wants to die. She walks away saying he shouldn’t worry even if she dies. Next morning, they both start sneezing together. Simran says both of them are weird, sometimes they sneeze together and sometimes they argue. Angad offers to drop her off at college. Sahiba says she will go alone. Simran says Angad sneezed 25 times and Sahiba 21 times, so Angad won and Sahiba ought to listen to him. Sahiba ignores him and walks away.

Seerat asks Manveer to taste a dip she has prepared for the party. Manveer tastes one and says it’s really good. Seerat says she’s learning from the internet. The Brars get busy preparing parties. Angad and Sahiba walk into. Veer greets Sahiba and shows her arrangement. Other DILs lie a lot and would claim they learned it at their mother’s house.

In response to Japjyoth’s request, Sahiba says she has no appetite. As today is Sahiba’s special day and they are beginning a new phase of their lives, Japjyoth asks Angad to bring her safely home. Angad is now responsible for Brar Jeweler, while Sahiba is responsible for the Brar family. There is a sneeze between them, she says.

A new language of love has been invented by sneezing, Gurleen says. Japjyoth says trust is the foundation of any relationship, Sahiba agrees. Seerat asks Manveer if she thinks the same way. Manveer says yes, but she no longer trusts her husband. The question is, is it the wife’s responsibility to trust her husband at all costs? Japjyoth says both the husband and the wife are responsible and they have mutual understanding and will come to consider themselves as one at some point.

In case they have any problem, Gurleen asks them to talk to him. When Sahiba says there is a small misunderstanding, Japjyoth asks them to return home and look happy after clearing their misunderstanding. Sahiba says she is running late for college, it’s a problem of trust that takes years to build and a second to break. They walk away. Manveer asks what happened today.

Angad stops his car as Sahiba waits for an auto. Sahiba asks him to stop his drama. He says he isn’t because there is an autodriver strike until 2 p.m., so she needs to get in or she will be late. She gets in and sits silently as he drives. Angad thinks she doesn’t want to listen, so then what shall he say? She thinks he did not talk to her since morning as if it’s her mistake.

Sahiba asks him to stop the car at the gate itself. She says she will walk. He says he will drop her wherever she wants to go. She gets out of the car and says she doesn’t hide things like him. He messages Pam that he will reach the office in 30 minutes and wants the presentation ready. She thinks he messaged her but can’t find it.

The teacher asks students to draw a picture based on the music they feel from their mobiles. Sahiba checks her phone and thinks Angad hasn’t contacted or texted her yet. Veer notices Angad disturbed at the office and tells him he can’t see them like this, so he wants to know what happened to them.

He says there was a small misunderstanding and he concealed a small issue from her, and she does not want to hear his explanation. Veer suggests he explain it to her calmly, and she will listen to him. The song Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. plays in the background as Sahiba repeatedly glances at her mobile while drawing a painting and remembers Seerat’s conversation with Angad. Angad is not bothered at all, so she wonders why she keeps checking her phone constantly.


Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only until here and leaves with her bag. Sahiba returns the keys to Japjyoth and says she can’t fulfill the family’s responsibility. Japjyot asks what the problem is. She walks out of the house and says she should ask Angad.

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