Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivendra gets enraged when Talwar lies about Surilii in the episode. He comes to say you have to leave for Ranakgarh, the helicopter is ready. Shivendra asks if you’re okay. She says just stay there. He says sorry, can I drop you off somewhere? She says to stay away. She gets a call and leaves. A helicopter waits, Maan asks what’s happening, should we leave. Surilii comes to her café and sees the police. Maasi calls her and asks why you left the café on Sasha, even her mother doesn’t believe her, it’s good Muddu got Diya to me. After seeing the café ruined, Surilii cries. She finds Sasha drunk.

Seeing Shivendra’s picture, Swati smiles. Shivendra’s brother sees her and greets her. He says Ranak’s most beautiful lady is my mum, I think you didn’t recognize me. Swati says I know. You are Shivendra’s younger brother Raghuvendra.

Lekha and I have grown up together, Ragu says, and I’m glad she’s back with us. Rani Maa greets them and says Swati is here, and we’ll talk often. Swati’s mother Madhumalti says Swati is here for a few days, she’s educated and will use it. Education becomes a woman’s voice, according to Ranimaa. I couldn’t break my promise to you, Swati says, and I’m proud of you. The servants talk about Swati. The governor and Hariprasad come. Rani Maa welcomes them and asks Raghu to check on Shivendra and Maan.

As Surilii asks Sasha if she’s okay. Sasha says Monty’s come, everything’s over. She cries. Surilii consoles her. Sasha says he’ll take Diya. Surilii says he can’t. Rani Maa says everyone has a right to education. I want to give the girls an education, not the city. Savender comes and greets them. Hariprasad says Raghu is heading the Barot logistics.

Hari asks about Shivendra and Maan. Rani Maa says they went to the city, they are coming home for dinner. Surilii talks to the inspector, who says it is our responsibility to handle Monty, so file a report, and I’ll arrest him. She says it is a family matter. He says he is engaging in domestic violence.

In her words, she protects Diya, and he will think about what he will do when he gets free. Kadam says I am sure he will return, so call me right away. She says okay, sorry. Uncle says you help everyone. She says filing a complaint does no good. She says I cannot leave Diya alone. Muddu says I will stay back, sorry, I couldn’t handle this, I called the police. She says thank you, take care of Sasha.

We need young blood in politics, he says, what do you have in mind for the future? If you guide him, he can help people. He says definitely. Rani Maa invites them to dinner. Raghu sits. Rani Maa signs him to sit beside him. Savender smiles at one of the female helpers.

Maan returns home. He says Shivendra couldn’t make it, he had imp work. Madhu wonders why he didn’t return on Ranimaa’s word, history is repeating itself. Swati stops her. Shivendra looks at the broken gramophone. The servant says Murad Chacha is known for repairing old things, so we will order a new gramophone. The servant thinks of Surilii.

It’s okay if he fixes it. The servant says yes, Shivendra has to go there. Bandish asks why. Talwar comes and asks how Shivendra cancelled the deal. He says you cancelled the big deal, how would I know it’s yours? Bandish says watch your language. I would not have seen her if you gave me a hint. Shivendra scolds him. Talwar says do not cancel this deal. Shivendra says to tell everyone that we will never do business with Talwar again.


In response to Ranimaa’s question, the servant replies that Murad Chacha can fix Surilii’s gramophone. Monty threatens Surilii.

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