Faltu 28th May 2023 Written Episode

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Faltu 28th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu takes Shanaya. Savita gets angry. Ayaan says Ruhaan has helped us, Faltu told me Shanaya is disturbed; I think we should support Faltu. Janardhan says you should talk to Faltu and explain why she should be away from Shanaya.

Dadi asks Faltu to send Shanaya back to her brother’s house when we leave the house. Tanu scolds Dadi.

Ayaan has returned, so we won’t go to London now. Kanika says fine, you stay here, Ayaan won’t accept you, and Ayaan and Faltu’s relationship will grow. Tanu says he doesn’t like all this. Kanika leaves angrily.

Taking Tanu into his arms, Sid says Kanika will agree, sit down. She asks whether we will be jailed. Sid says no, he will take all the blame for you and save you. She asks why. You want me to repeat the same things. I love you Tanu, I will always be there for you, everything will work out. She hugs him. He smiles.

Shanaya shows the nice pictures. Amar comes and says many people have surrounded the house, shall I tell Janardhan? Faltu looks out the window and sees the guards.

Faltu says Ruhaan sent the guards for my security, don’t worry, you are mys too. Shanaya says Ruhaan might have sent them for my security, he is too much, but I like it, I feel someone cares for me. Amar goes. Faltu calls Ruhaan and says sorry, I couldn’t take the call, I have sent the guards to secure Shanaya, Shanaya knows she will get scolded for taking my call, and I cannot force her to return.

Faltu says it’s okay. He asks her to take care of Shanaya. Ayaan, Govind and Kinshuk see the guards. Amar says they’re Shanaya’s guards. Ayaan asks where Faltu is. Amar nods.

Shanaya tells Faltu that she has to talk to him. Faltu says yes, take your medicines and sleep. Shanaya says she wants to play in the state championship. Faltu says I’ll talk to Ayaan and come. Shanaya wakes from a bad dream.

Sid comes and asks are you okay. Tanu asks if you think I will be left alone, am I so bad. Sid replies no, I will be with you.

He says let it be, but family will never love me. She says I love this family, I’ll ask mom to stop this auction, I regret my mistakes, I want to stay happy, I want their love, can we give it another shot at our marriage? Ayaan is surprised by Faltu when he enters their room.

Seeing the romantic decorations, he says he is sorry. He says you should keep Shanaya away, dad told me Ruhaan insulted him, when I met her, I felt as though I was meeting my younger sister, but she is Ruhaan’s sister, keep her away from her. She apologizes for the trouble, sleep well here, I’m going. He stops her.

Sid hugs Tanu and says I’m with you, you gave me a lot of happiness here, I just wanted your love, thank you so much. Tanu apologizes and asks Sid not to leave her. Our plan is to apologize to everyone, to tell Mom that we’re giving Ayaan another chance, to cancel the auction, and to stay together. We’ll cancel the auction and stay together. The auction can’t be stopped, the bank got involved, we can’t stay with family, they hate us. She says I want to stay with them, I promise I will become a good wife and bahu.

Ayaan stops Faltu and gets romantic with her. He holds her close. He kisses her. Shanaya comes there. Faltu pushes Ayaan away. Ayaan falls down. Shanaya asks how he fell. Ayaan says we were discussing something important. Shanaya asks who is talking at this time of night, Faltu left and I got scared. She asks Faltu to come with her. They leave. Ayaan says I had to talk to Faltu about state trials, she has less time, she can’t play cricket.


Faltu says I will deal with Ruhaan now that the auction has ended. Ruhaan buys the house.


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