Faltu 24th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written episode of Faltu 24th July 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

The episode begins with some goons intercepting Faltu and Charan. Meanwhile, Ayaan records an apologetic message for Faltu, urging her to return home. Tanu looks on angrily. She thinks I won’t let you return, Faltu. Ayaan worries. She believes someone will have seen her. The goons ask Faltu to give them money and jewellery. Charan says we have nothing, we are from the village, we are going back, check the bag if you like. Faltu asks them to step back.

Having drunk, Neil recalls Dada ji’s words. He says he doesn’t want to think of you, why do I get five years back because of your mention? He leaves. Inspecting the fuel gauge, he says he forgot to get petrol. Sumitra signs Tanu. As Tanu tells Ayaan to come fast, Savita locks herself in her room and is saying she will commit suicide, Ayaan runs. Everyone worries about Savita. Savita says I won’t open the door. Ayaan says not to say this.

Savita expresses her frustration, “You have shared the video and insulted us even further.” Ayaan warns, “Open the door, or we will break it.” Reluctantly, Savita opens the door. The goon forcefully pushes Faltu and demands Charan to hand over the gold chain. In a brave move, Faltu kicks the goon and firmly tells him to back off. Charan pleads, “Let us go, I’m sorry.”

Coincidentally, Neil arrives at the scene in an auto-rickshaw. Surprised, he remarks, “I always seem to find you. Did you know I was coming here?” Faltu discreetly signals him for assistance.

He asks her to say. The goon tells him to sit in an auto and leave. Neil asks what’s happening. Faltu says they won’t let us go, help us. Neil says he will save himself. She asks him to help them. Neil says he’s not an action hero, sorry, I don’t know you. She asks him to leave us. He leaves. The goon asks what will you do now?

Ayaan embraced Savita and questioned her if she had thought about their situation. Savita reacted defensively, claiming that Ayaan got angry at Faltu when he was innocent. She criticized Faltu stating that he had done them wrong and left the household. Sumitra supported this statement by suggesting that Faltu may have completed the divorce paperwork. Savita requested not to post a video of what had happened online but to let the police take care of it. Unfortunately, a goon lunged at Faltu, yet Charan managed to get in the way just in time. Tears streamed from Faltu’s face as they saw Neil back on an auto rickshaw with loud music blaring in the background.

Neil greets everyone with a hi. Faltu grins in response. Neil quickly deals with the attackers and says that he simply passing through when it happened. In response to his inquiry, Charan replies that he is alright. Surprised by Neil’s return, Faltu wonders why he left in the first place. Neil saves her from further harm and Faltu retaliates against one of them by slapping him. Kinshuk advises everyone to wait for authorities to take over the situation, while Tanu agrees with him – she was unaware of Savita’s true intentions. Sumitra proposes to find an alternate solution tomorrow, assuming Sid won’t be there for an important meeting with shoe company representatives. Tanu encourages her not to worry as they will locate Fasltetu soon enough. Ayaan proclaims that he can’t survive without her but she manages to calm him down explaining how his family need him more than anything else at this stage. Charan is then used as a pawn in order to increase tension between Faltu and Ayaan by stirring things up even further so that she never returns again.

A policeman comes and thanks Neil for getting the police. As Neil holds Faltu in his arms, he asks her to thank him. She says you don’t know how to say sorry. He says he doesn’t say sorry to girls. The driver said he understands your plan when you asked me to take a U-turn. He asks Charan and Faltu to join him. Dada ji prays. Neil thanks the driver for getting the police.

It is Neil who brings Faltu and Charan home. Dada ji asks what happened. Neil says thieves caught them. I took them to the hospital for dressing, he has to take medicines. Dada ji asks if you are fine. Charan replies yes, Neil saved us in time. Dada ji smiles and hugs Neil. Dada says I was in tense about you, stay here, Charan ji, I understand your concern for Faltu, I’d like to offer you a package, and you can give us the responsibility for her.


Faltu came outside. Stop her from leaving, Janardhan says. Ayaan says stop her. He runs.

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