Faltu 10th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Charan and Pratap come to the office to find a job. Sid comes. He takes the interviews. Charan says you can’t be here alone. The man says let her sit here, you both go. Tanisha sees the oily food. Dadi says this is special food for you. Savita asks Tanisha what happened. Faltu says no, I won’t move. Charan says fine, we’ll come soon.

I’m sorry, the dietician asked me to follow the diet. I’ll order something, and I think you all should switch foods as well. Tanisha says. Savita says eat it now, you can start the diet tomorrow. Daddy says no, I’m already good, we’re used to this food. Janardhan says change will come with time, Tanisha doesn’t need to worry. Kanika gets the food parcel for Tanisha.

Ayaan looks at Savita while Sid takes Charan and Pratap’s interview. He calls the manager. He says teach the selected people what they need to know, and ask the remaining people to work as well. Ayaan asks what happened. Savita says she made all this food for Tanisha, but she didn’t eat it. She feels bad. Ayaan recalls a moment with Faltu. Faltu gets shocked by Sid’s voice. She worries.

Tanisha likes a variety of foods, so I’m thinking of sending my cook here. Ayaan says cook’s food won’t have mom’s touch, mom has made the food today. Kanika says no, Tanisha simply likes what she likes.

Tanisha asks him not to speak to her when she is eating. Kanika asks him not to speak to Tanisha when she is eating. Janardhan asks Ayaan to focus on his food. Faltu hides from Sid. Sid leaves.

Ayaan talks to the manager about Sid’s wrong move. The manager says he will send the list of hired staff. Sid asked me not to disturb you, he signed many rejected deals files. Faltu asks someone for the company name. The man replies JM Mart. Charan recognizes her. She says Janardhan’s office. He asks if Ayaan was there.

Ayaan says, “I didn’t mean to hurt mom.” I’ll apologize to her. He says, “It’s okay, I didn’t like seeing her once.” She says we’ll go out to see a movie tonight. He says no. We’re going out today, your wife ordered it, so why are you giving an excuse?” He thinks Faltu has no place in my life. Faltu, Charan and Pratap return to the hotel room. Faltu feels bad. Charan encourages her. She asks him to always be with her.

She hears Pappi whistling and asks what the whistle is. She says it’s Pappi’s whistle, I’m sure. Charan says I’ll see. Pratap says he can help.

Matarani wants us to fight with this devil, find out where he is staying, call the police, we will end his tale today. Charan calls the police. Pappi is in his room. Faltu says no, we won’t run away.

Faltu asks Charan to call the police. Charan says I won’t leave you alone. She says please leave. They hear the doorbell. Charan sees Pappi’s man at the door. He says we can’t leave now.

The precap:

Charan might have come, Faltu says. Pappi catches them. He drags Faltu along.

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