Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Payal tells Prachi that this is a lie. Prachi shows the bank account statement of Payal’s account and tells that the money was transferred many times from the company’s account to hers. Ranbir scolded her and whatever he heard and saw he scolded her about. When she thought about your talks, she realized it was a lie.

When you said that you broke up with your boyfriend, she asked why he had spare keys to your house, and why your office had CCTV cameras everywhere. She says I saw cameras everywhere in your house, as I drank tea. She says you accused Ranbir of molestation to silence him and steal money from company accounts.

You have ruined my planning and hard work. She raises her hand to slap Prachi, but Ranbir holds her hand to stop her. Payal says you didn’t do the right thing by catching my theft. During Payal’s conversation with the NGO woman, she tells Payal that women like her ruin the reputation of true women. She says that we help women, and that does not mean we punish innocent men.

There is no mistake on Ranbir’s part, and you had stolen money from the company where you worked and accused a humble man. Another lady hints that your face will be blackened now because you tried to ruin his respect. Immediately Ranbir stops them and says, I don’t want this to happen to any girl because of me. I didn’t report her theft to anyone, as I didn’t want to ruin her career. I want her to earn money with honesty.

The reporter says I have recorded everything, now there will be no charges against you. The NGO women apologize to him. The reporter apologizes to him as well. She says everyone should support truth like Prachi, and Ranbir says until someone is proven guilty, he is innocent. They all leave.

Prachi says you should have told them the truth before. Ranbir says you didn’t tell me the truth, and you expect me to tell the truth. She is upset. Ranbir goes out to thank her. Prachi says I hear you. Ranbir says it’s easy for you to fight with me. Prachi says I know, you love fighting with me. Ranbir says it’s not about fighting, but I love you.

It doesn’t matter now, he says. Prachi asks if you’re asking me or telling me. Ranbir says you feel I always question you. Prachi says that’s my mistake. Ranbir says no, I just want to say thanks. Prachi looks at him and says if you hadn’t come on time, then my name and career would not have been saved. He says that if you hadn’t come, then the news would have been that Ranbir Kohli has molested another woman.

She says whatever I have done, is not for you. He asks if you will do this for someone else. Prachi says I did this for an innocent person, not for you. She sits in the car and leaves. He thinks he is nothing for her, even if she had committed a mistake, he would have stood by her because he loves…He fears that his love isn’t reaching her.

Harsh says Prachi is coming. Ashok asks Harsh to take retirement, and he says you would have told her not to come. Harsh says she is coming. Ashok says I have to do the work and thinks I run such big companies, but I can’t handle this. He waits for Prachi. He asks Priya. Priya says she saw Prachi get out of the car 30 minutes earlier. Prachi comes there and tells him she had some work to do with a peon in the other office.

He says don’t tell me when you didn’t tell me before. He asks her to get Akshay’s cabin ready. Prachi asks if you’ll sit there? Ashok says no, even his dad can’t sit there. He says if Akshay doesn’t like the cabin, many people’s jobs will be lost.

She says she will get his cabin ready. Harsh asks if you get scared of your son. Ashok says no, I am scared of you all. He says he is my father in many ways. Prachi’s phone rings.

Her idea is that if Akshay asks why I didn’t pick him up, I will tell him that I didn’t know he was coming. She thinks he will not ask since he is terrified of her.

Priya calls her and she has urgent work to do. Prachi goes with her and sets up Akshay’s cabin. She tells her that Akshay is like his father, he wants everything to be perfect, and he likes bikes. The guy looks at him. Akshay is coming out of the airport, a guy looks at him. Priya says he has been in London since I joined the office and says he is a serious type. Prachi shows his photo and says he looks like this.

Priya says he is hot and handsome, and asks if he has a girlfriend. Prachi tells her to focus on her work, and says our boss doesn’t like anything, and that I don’t know if he has a girlfriend. The guy who is eying Akshay signs his goon. Akshay sits in a taxi. The guy sits in the car and asks the goon to chase him.

Khushi calls Prachi. Prachi asks how you are. Khushi says I was missing you. Prachi says I love you. Khushi says I love you, Mamma. Prachi smiles. The flower Khushi wants, Prachi will get. Khushi asks I? Prachi asks Khushi to give the flower which always blossoms. Khushi gives her flowers. In an auto, Laali arrives.

Laali says you came so early and asks her to come when I am here and to not come when I am not here. Prachi says I understand, and explains that she came to give her the costly sarees. Prachi says we shall gain happiness. Laali says I will wear and laughs. Prachi says I will bring you more gifts.

Khushi receives chocolate from Prachi. Ranbir comes there and sees Prachi with Khushi and Laali. He checks. Prachi gives Laali 20 Rupees for the flower. Laali tells her to keep it. She says we can give you one flower. Prachi says you said you would think about it, and you asked for time. Does Ranbir ask what is going on? Khushi says I was waiting for you and want you to meet Parvati.

Prachi and Ranbir look at each other as she introduces them as Shiv and Parvati.

She says she told Madam ji this as well, and now that she is telling you, she says she is still thinking. Prachi hears and thinks Ranbir wants Khushi.

Seeing Akshay remove his jacket on the road, Ranbir thinks Prachi wants to adopt Khushi.

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