Teri Meri Doriyaan 27th March 2023 written update


Sahiba reminds her that she had locked her room from the outside, so how could she take Angad inside? Jasleen accuses Sahiba of luring Angad and forcing him to stay in her room all night, so they could all see him coming out. Manveer asks if she locked Sahiba’s room door from the outside. Hansraj warns Sahiba not to wrongly accuse the elder daughter of Brar family, a role model for them. Sahiba says one must speak.

When Gurleen asks Manveer if she locked Sahiba in a room, Sahiba tells her that she must have done it without thinking much about it; she wouldn’t have extended this issue if Manveer hadn’t accused her. Manveer is tongue lashed by Bebe for her inhuman behaviour towards Sahiba, and Bebe says that only Gurleen and Darji accepted Sahiba as their bahu, but that doesn’t mean Manveer can treat Sahiba cruelly.

As Santosh shows concern for Keerat, she asks her why she injured herself and who is going to marry her. Keerat warns her that she ruined Sahiba’s life with her lies and forced her to marry the Brar family. Angry, she tells Ajith that Santosh lied the other day, she was humiliated by Brars, and even Sahiba was not treated well. Ajith scolds Santosh for lying again, but Santosh claims she lied at Sahiba’s request. In response to Manveer’s accusations, Sahiba describes how Angad forced himself on her in a state of intoxication, and she felt both anger and pity for him. She told Manveer that she didn’t want her son to be near her, but her son disobeyed her.

Inder walks into the room and blames the whole family for Angad’s condition. Manveer says Angad humiliated her in front of Sahiba and disappointed him, so she won’t speak to him anymore. She walks away from there while Angad requests her to stop. Darji says his family is not responsible for Angad’s behaviour. Angad stands silently while Darji chides him for his misbehaviour with Sahiba. Darji says he will apologize Sahiba then and folds his hands.

His apology is for whatever he did last night, and Angad accuses Sahiba of making him do it because of hatred for him. He then walks to Manveer and says he has always tried to make her feel proud and lessen her pain, but he knows his last night’s act humiliated her; even he feels ashamed of it.

Manveer says his actions will make him repent larger, he will understand it soon. Bebe apologizes to Sahiba for the trouble she had to deal with. She asks Darji if she can show them something. Darji agrees and asks Bebe what Sahiba wants to show. Bebe says she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t want any more drama. Keerat disguised as a young Sardar takes the children to Brar mansion to meet Sahiba.

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