Kavya 31st May 2024 Written Episode: Kavya Faces Political Intrigue


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The episode commences with Giriraj conversing with his PA. As he catches sight of Anjali standing at the door, he immediately puts on an act. Anjali responds with a smile. He invites her to join him, mentioning that he was discussing something related to her. Wondering what she should do, she asks for guidance. He requests her to sign some papers. Determined to protect Kavya’s reputation and her own, Anjali is determined to do her best. Giriraj smiles in response. Meanwhile, Kavya enters the office but accidentally trips over something. Anubha rushes to help and also enquires about using eye drops correctly. Kavya then urges her to come along. During their conversation, Anubha mentions the fake entries in the new list. Impressed by this discovery, Kavya applauds her for it. However, Anubha humbly shares that it was simply a matter of fulfilling her duty as she had studied in a municipal school without teachers. She understands the challenges students face in such circumstances. She then excuses herself and leaves the room.

DM and Shubh receive Kavya’s question. Shubh says the new list hasn’t been checked yet. DM asks who signed it. She says I did. DM says you don’t know the value of your signatures. She says I was forced to sign the list. DM thinks I cannot be forced to sign papers. Kavya scolds Shubh.

The DM has stated that it is your responsibility if the incorrect list is sent. Kavya insists that the list will not be accepted if it contains errors. Adi urgently calls her and reminds her to take her medication. Kavya reveals they were deceived as yesterday’s list consisted of incorrect candidates. Adi warns her that her reputation may be affected. However, Kavya remains unfazed and promptly heads over there. Upon reaching, she realizes that her car is locked and inquires about the driver’s whereabouts from the peon. The peon informs her that he was sent for an important task by the DM. Kavya takes the car keys and departs without delay.

Shhubh sees her and says she took the car when her vision is blurry. He follows her on a bike. The doctor calls Adi and says he called Kavya for an injection. Adi worries. He calls Kavya and says stop the car, I’m coming. Giriraj tells Adi to tell CM about the fake list, so if Kavya comes and tells us, it won’t be profitable for us.

When Kavya says I’m coming, he says stop the car, I’m coming. She stops the car. Shubh asks her if she’s okay, who drives in such conditions. Adi runs and holds her, asks if she’s OK, and hugs her tight. Shubh says she is moving with blurry vision. He asks if you haven’t told your husband. Adi is asked to handle her.

The doctor called. It would be best if you took an injection, Adi says. Kavya said no and that I must return that list to the CM immediately. Giriraj waits to meet the CM. He sees Adi and Kavya inside. He says Kavya has apologized and returned the list, and we’re back to square one. I commend her for realizing her mistake. I don’t want the DM office involved at this point, and I want 20 names on my desk in half an hour. Kavya leaves.

Kavya asks what CM said. Shubh asks why you want to know. He says he didn’t think you were making a mistake. Adi asks if you are okay. She nods. Shubh says she doesn’t care. Adi asks why you didn’t tell me about blurry vision. Kavya says I told you at night, but you fell asleep. Shubh said I was there to help Kavya. Adi gets angry. Kavya holds Adi’s hand and says I am there.

Giriraj stops Mishra and says you ruined my list, and I ruined yours. Mishra says two lions cannot stay together in the jungle. Mishra agrees, saying you should make me your friend. We have to create a new list, with ten candidates each, and I’ve set up a trust so that the funds will be shared. Giriraj gives us the list. They laugh. Kavya says you don’t want us involved, but we should verify every candidate.

You mean this list is corrupt? It says CM. She answers yes. Mishra says you can check it well. You know someone. Anjali Bansal’s first name is Anjali Bansal. Kavya and Adi are shocked. Giriraj says Kavya’s mother Anjali Bansal, do you think this is a fake list, then your mother also gave money to put her name in it.


Giriraj tells Anjali not to take her name back. Rajeev scolds Anjali. Anjali weeps.

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