Anupama 15th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Anupama Confronts Toshu’s Betrayal

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Anupama 15th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj informs Anupama about Toshu’s actions, to which she responds with shock. He assures her this is the truth and offers to send her a video for clarification. Anuj advises her to take whatever necessary steps and ends the call by calling Toshu a “duffer.” He then proceeds to send the video to Anupama. As she watches it, memories of Toshu swearing at her and recent events flood her mind. Overcome with shock, she holds her head and laments how Toshu’s betrayal hurts more than the pain of giving birth. She questions why he would do such a thing.

Babu ji asks Dimpy if I will boil the milk for you. Pakhi comes there and says she has made our lives hell. Babu Ji asks what happened. Pakhi asks why Mummy needed to go to the US. She says Mummy is stealing and ruining India’s reputation. She shows the video. Babu ji cries and says my daughter, Anupama, is innocent, and there is no one to help her. Dimpy says Mummy cannot do this. Kavya says Anupama is trapped.

Pakhi asks them not to regard Devi as a criminal. Dimpy asks her to stop calling Devi a criminal. Pakhi says you saw the video and says my case will get weak now that Adhik claims she comes from a criminal family. She says Papa can clear this mess. Kavya searches about Anupama and tells Babu ji that she got the bail, but she’ll be punished if she’s proven guilty. Babu ji cries. Kinjal and Toshu are with her. Kavya says she is with her.

Anupama is sitting in shock when Yashdeep approaches her. She reveals that the thief has been caught and shows him the video. Yashdeep realizes it was Toshu and suggests there may have been extenuating circumstances. However, Anupama is well aware of his situation, as he had taken a loan from goons, but when he couldn’t pay them back, they went after Kinjal and Pari. She firmly states that no justification allows one to steal and points out that Toshu has repeatedly made mistakes without correcting his behavior. Even when he was paralyzed, he didn’t learn from his mistakes. Anupama acknowledges that a mother can never give up hope for her child’s improvement, but she has lost all hope today.

She says Anuj would have sent the video to the Police if he wanted, but he sent it to me so I could decide. She says my Papa used to say that if money is gone, nothing is gone; if health is gone, then so much is gone, but if respect goes, everything is gone, and now the matter is about my respect.

Aadhya informs Shruti that as soon as Pop arrived, she was discharged from the hospital in good health. She playfully jokes that this means she holds no importance to Shruti. Anuj offers medicine to Shruti and inquires about her well-being. Assuring her that he had just arrived from a long flight, he also mentioned bringing Aadhya’s medication. He proceeds to mention ordering food from a nearby restaurant. Shruti inquires about his event while Anuj presents her with an upsetting video of Anupama’s arrest. Shocked, Aadhya exclaims that her mother could not possibly commit theft. Concerned, Shruti asks if she is alright while Anuj informs them that she has been granted bail. Responding to their worries, he assures them that the culprit has been caught, and it is up to Anupama to decide what steps to take as a mother’s right.

As Anupama approaches Toshu’s house, he hesitantly asks what happened. Baa says I was going to Liberty Idol, and you came. Vanraj says you told him you wanted to say something meaningful and asked him what he wanted to say. Anupama shows a video of Toshu keeping a necklace in her handbag. Toshu says, Mummy…Anupama slaps him hard.

We can go home tomorrow if everything is fine, Anuj tells Shruti. Aadhya says she will pack the bag. Anuj asks Shruti if she wants to stay here. She says she wants to go to her home, as the memories of her parents upset her. Shruti gets a message from the doctor that she needs emotional support if she gets into depression.

Shruti thanks Anuj and Anupama for attending her farewell gathering. In turn, Anuj thanks her for always being a source of support for Aadhya and helping her during her panic attacks. Shruti remarks that if a mother won’t do it, then who will? The memories come flooding back for Anuj, and he agrees to marry on the date Shruti’s parents chose. However, Shruti insists that she doesn’t want Anuj to feel sorry for her and marry her out of pity. Anuj then suggests they get married regardless. Overhearing this, Aadhya is overjoyed and embraces them both in a hug. As they embrace, Anuj realizes he can’t let Aadhya lose her money again.

Vanraj inquires Anupama about her current activity. Anupama confronts Toshu and questions him about his theft despite promising not to make intentional mistakes and even swearing at her head. She reminds him that he had come to her earlier, stating he was hungry, and she had fed him with her hands, assuming he was working hard. However, she was unaware he had stolen a necklace before coming to her. She also mentions how, when questioned about Yashdeep sir’s missing money, Toshu denied being the thief, and his father vouched for his innocence. Yet now, she asks him to go to the police station and confess his wrongdoing.


Yashdeep plans a birthday party for Anupama. Beeji asks Anupama if she’s okay. Anupama says she’s gone to the PS, but. Anuj returns and tells Anupama that he will ask Zaveri to return the case if she wants. Toshu will be taken to the police for confession, and Anupama says no.

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