Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan Confronts Yuvraj Over Abhira’s Sacrifice

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 24th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with everyone gathered together to decorate pots for a charitable cause. Manisha admires their work and explains that the NGO will sell the pots to raise funds. Dadi expresses her desire to assist the NGO, and they applaud her. One of the women inquires about Abhira’s whereabouts, to which Ruhi responds that she has been working through the night and will join them soon. Dadi remarks that it is already 10 am and that Abhira would have joined if she had wanted to. Armaan hopes everything goes smoothly at home and that Abhira doesn’t make any mistakes. Suddenly, Abhira clumsily enters the room, pretending to be drunk, and greets the guests.

The situation takes aback the group. After the woman confesses to being under the influence, Abhira assures them that everything is okay. However, her attempt at painting the pot ends up ruining it. Manisha clarifies that it was initially Vidya’s pot. Abhira insists on fixing it and helping Ruhi, who protests against her actions. This argument catches Dadi’s attention, and she reprimands Abhira before sending her to her room. Frightened, Abhira takes cover behind a sofa and jokes about Dadi’s stern nature. Meanwhile, Armaan continues to work and realizes he made a mistake signing some papers, resulting in him having to redo them entirely.

Abhira climbs on a sofa and reaches Dadi’s height to talk. Dadi says you have crossed the limits today. Ruhi says Dadi is asking you to go to the room. Dadi gets angry when Abhira jokes on Dadi and laughs. Dadi says you are always scared and control them. They smile but are shaken inside. You are a failure, and no one loves you. Dadi shouts enough.

Dadi scolds Abhira and pushes Abhira out of the door. Abhira falls. Dadi says you have belittled my house and no longer belong here. She shuts the door. Abhira cries. Aye zindagi…plays.

Dadi asks Vidya if I scared you all. Vidya says no. Dadi cries. She says I was not fond of Abhira, but I accepted her. I gave her many chances, so she thinks this about me. Abhira says you aren’t my big fan, but you have a big heart, so if I disappeared, you would have sent someone to find me, and I can’t see you all in tension. Whatever I did today, you will get annoyed but not worried and guilty.

Ruhi thinks of Abhira. Abhira recalls their moments and goes away. Ruhi thinks Abhira is stubborn, but she isn’t bad. Why did she act in such a way? Abhira apologizes to Armaan for acting that way. Armaan is on his way. He comes home. Abhira’s phone is in Ruhi’s hands. She receives the messages. Yuvraj waits for Abhira.

“Refrain from acting clever, and it is not beneficial for anyone. Please come soon.” Abhira arrives, and the man smiles at her. Distraught, Ruhi rushes to her room in tears. “Abhira is making a tremendous sacrifice to protect Vidya from that thug. I must inform everyone,” she says, until her conscience intervenes. “Madhav is in police custody and there are lawyers in the family, they will handle the situation. But what about Abhira?” Her inner self reminds her of her own needs. “Consider your happiness. If she gets close to Armaan, what will you do? This could be fate’s way of bringing joy into your life.”

Yuvraj dances with Abhira and assures her, “I will cheer you up.” Along with a rose, he showers her with rose petals and announces, “Look here, I have booked a beautiful venue in Dubai for our marriage.” He promises to love her deeply and forget about Armaan and the Poddars. However, Armaan disagrees with Yuvraj’s claims and suspects Abhira is hiding something. Defending Abhira, Dadi accuses Armaan of taking sides. Just then, Ruhi appears, and Dadi pressures her to choose between Dadi’s respect and the girl’s. As Ruhi looks at her phone, the tension continues to build.


Armaan intervenes, stating that Abhira cannot proceed like this. Ruhi reveals that her act was to protect Vidya. Yuvraj insists their marriage will occur here. Armaan arrives and attacks him, seizing the sindoor box, while Ruhi watches silently.

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