Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Akshara inquiring about any complaints received regarding Abhir from Manjiri. Abhimanyu is curious and asks for more information. Akshara expresses concern over Abhir’s behavior since he is living with them and she feels that as his guardian, he should be aware of what is happening in his life. She mentions that even Manjiri knows about it but chose to keep it hidden. Akshara then shows a copy of Abhir’s weekly test where he had back-answered his teacher. She points out that this kind of conduct typically results in punishment, which Abhir received in the form of detention, but today he did not attend school despite the principal informing her about his absence. Akshara also reveals that the principal had informed Manjiri as well, and although she views Akshara as an enemy, she should have shared this information with him. In disbelief, he turns to his mother and asks for confirmation of the truth.

According to Akshara, you were devastated when people referred to Abhir as Abhinav’s son. Your distaste for Abhinav extends to the point where you have even removed his name from labels. However, Abhir Abhinav Sharma, a model student and top performer in school, never displayed such behavior. He was kind and would often mediate conflicts between other students. However, since being in the care of Abhir Abhimanyu Birla, he has started exhibiting violent tendencies and has even resorted to using a pencil as a weapon. You have influenced him negatively; had he been happy and living under normal circumstances, he would not have behaved in such a manner. It seems that his happiness is not a priority for you all, which makes you selfish and unfit to raise him. In response to this accusation, Abhimanyu retorts that he is more than capable of handling his son’s problems as he is his father by court decision. Akshara then sarcastically remarks that he is indeed Abhir’s biggest problem.

She is scolded by Maniri. She says it is not Abhimanyu’s fault, she didn’t know about the test, she knew about punishment, so I thought an outing would make him feel better. Shefali asks her to calm down. Akshara says you want to teach him this thing because he doesn’t realize his mistake and doesn’t apologize to anyone. Akshara asks why anger filled him, I don’t want Abhir to become like Abhimanyu, I do not want him to develop anger issues and stubborn behavior.

Abhimanyu expresses concern that he doesn’t want their child to follow the same pattern of avoiding problems like Akshara does. Akshara reassures him that she is not the same person anymore. Anand advises them to find a solution. Akshara admits she is not perfect, but believes Abhinav (her husband) is the best father for their son, Abhir. Abhimanyu had no knowledge of Abhinav and acknowledges that it would take him more than a week to be a good father like him. They argue about who should have custody of Abhir. Akshara insists on taking her son out of the current environment as she believes he is picking up bad habits there. Manjiri threatens to reopen their case in court if Akshara tries to take Abhir away without permission.

Akshara plans to have Aarohi take Abhir to the Goenka house while she takes care of his belongings. Manjiri mentions calling the police, but Akshara confidently tells her that even if they do call them, it won’t change their minds. As she sits on a sofa chair, Akshara states that they can involve any authorities they want, as her son’s mental health is at risk and they are prepared to take this matter to court. Manjiri agrees with her decision, and Manish arrives, encouraging Akshara to use her talents and determination to defeat all obstacles in their way. With renewed determination, Akshara leaves with Manish by her side.

Abhir chooses not to indulge in the ice cream. Aarohi takes it away and helps him clean his hand. She recalls how she, along with Akshara and Kairav used to frequent this particular ice cream parlor. In fact, Akshara and herself often bickered over the pineapple pastry. Aarohi admits to purposely making Akshara’s pastry fall in the past. Ruhi playfully teases her for being a mischievous girl. Aarohi acknowledges her wrongdoing and expresses regret for letting anger consume her at that time. She advises against holding onto anger as it only brings harm. She then heads off to get some ice cream for Abhir while Ruhi asks what flavor he would like. Abhir answers solemnly that all he wants is to return home and reunite with his parents at their house in Kasauli.

Abhinav and Akshara are holding hands, discussing Abhir’s behavior. Akshara expresses concern about Abhir becoming like someone from their past, causing Abhimanyu to say he doesn’t believe it. Mahima agrees with Akshara, who then mentions the negative impact of anger on Abhimanyu’s life. She does not want the same for Abhir and hopes to help him find inner peace. In the morning, she remembers everything that was said. Abhinav informs her that her tiffin is ready.

As the woman expresses her gratitude, she apologizes for not being able to assist. The man then mentions his inability to gain knowledge from her books. Changing the subject, she shares that she did not attend work on her first day. Playfully, he suggests that she start her day with a smile and confident attitude. He expresses his excitement for this moment alongside their friend Abhir, and reassures her that she is strong enough to succeed as a lawyer. She acknowledges his unwavering support in her journey. He promises to continue standing by her side. She wishes Abhir a successful day, which he confirms will be so. They share a heartwarming hug.

Shivansh comes to Abhir. He asks how did you like the drama, and everyone ran and came to me. I’ll get you slapped, he says. Abhimanyu thinks what happened to Shivansh, he was always a good worker, so Abhir is tolerating it. The guy says I didn’t do anything wrong, you pushed me and I got hurt. Shivansh says no one will believe you. Abhimanyu thinks how to handle them. I don’t want to be unfair to anyone.


When Akshara receives the court notice, she shouts and cries. Abhinav says we will go to Kasauli. Abhinav and Akshara leave. Aarohi says Abhir is not home. Abhimanyu worries.


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