Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 9th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode commences with Vandana inquiring if there is anything else to discuss. Kunal replies with a simple, “go”. As she obediently leaves, he expresses his concern about her blind trust in Vaibhav and how he is taking advantage of it. Bobby curiously asks why Kunal even cares. To which Kunal reiterates, “yes, exactly.” Just then, Vedika and Parisa arrive at their house. Vedika extends an invitation to Vandana and her family for the Janmashtami celebration. She also apologizes on behalf of Kunal and Pammi. Vandana graciously accepts the apology, stating that they are aware of how much Kunal loves his sister. Vijay chimes in, highlighting their luck as Hemant has eloped. Parisa adds that they need Tulsi for the puja and Vedika asks if they can take it from their garden. Without hesitation, Vandana agrees to lend them Tulsi for the puja.

Kunal says I always help Vedika with the arrangements. Pammi prays. Kuku says Kuku, I will make the arrangements for Janmashtami, help me decorate Jhanki. Vedika says she just needs to show up. Mrunal says Pari, your bracelet fell down, wow, it’s very expensive. Anagha stares at her. Parisa thanks her. She says Kunal buys anything I like. Mrunal asks if I would like to see your collection. Parisa says yes. Vandana says they would need a lot of work. Parisa and Vedika invite Mrunal to join them.

During the festival, Murinal considers forming a relationship with Kunal’s family. Vedika invites them. Vandana says Vedika and Parisa are lovely. Aaji says Kunal and Tommy are bad. Vandana says Pammi. Anagha asks Anagha to make Shivam Krishna. She says yes, as always, Hemant has run away, and I am angry that I am here just for the festival. Aaji asks Vandana to participate in the puja. Vijay says I feel like I have seen Vedika somewhere.

Mrunal arrives at Kunal’s house. Bobby says you didn’t see it from inside. Mrunal says no one made a video and posted, I’m looking forward to seeing Parisa’s jewellery collection. Vedika says I went to Vandana’s house. Pammi says you are getting closer soon. Vedika says they are good people, I feel like I know Vijay. Kunal says no, we won’t get in touch with them.

In the opinion of Pammi, they have become a big problem for us. Guneet says let it happen. She says it’s about the family. Aaji asks whether Bhavesh will agree. Vandana says she’ll do her best. Aaji asks if Vaibhav agrees, since he is a good guy, and will always support you. I have to attend a job interview, Vandana smiles and says. Kunal says mind your own work. Pammi says poor people plan these things to bond with rich people.

It doesn’t matter what Kunal says. Pammi says I’ll check to see if Mrunal is stealing anything. Vedika says they are good people, but they are in trouble, Hemant has run away, so think about what they’re going through. As Vandana prepares for the interview, she prays to Kanha ji. Kunal washes his car. Watchman says he will wash it. Kunal says do your work first.

A car owner did not wash his car, according to Bobby. Pammi shouts to Kunal to find out what he is doing. Kunal says it’s his me time. She says go to the gym. He says I have to do something to get her away. She says I have to have fun here. Vandana emerges.

During the argument, she says if I am rejected, how will I pay the money. Kunal says I’m sorry, I didn’t see. Vandana says focus on yourself. Bobby says investors are coming today. Pammi says there is puja at home. He says we’ll be back soon. Hemant has run away, Bobby says, Mrunal told me, Hemant took a 25 lakh loan and mortgaged the house, poor Vandana is being cheated and has a lot of tension in her head.

Vandana does not take a bus or auto. She walks. She reaches the office. She greets the man. She asks if this is your family. He says yes. She says yes. She gives her documents. She asks him to ask anything he wants. He says I want to hear your voice sample. She plays it.

He says your voice is unique, you are overqualified for this job. She says I need this job, I’ll do my best. He says that’s good. My father taught me to sing. He says you’ll also have a husband and Sasural support. She says no, I’m single. He stares at her. He asks why you need this job. She replies, “I’m ready to do whatever you ask.”

He inquires, “Will you comply with my every command?” Impressed by Vandana’s attitude, he gives her the green light to proceed. Despite being 35 years old, she has maintained herself well. He acknowledges that every man has their own needs and asks if she has a boyfriend for those needs. Vandana responds by mentioning her family’s needs. He reassures her that all of her needs will be taken care of. However, she redirects the conversation towards work. He compliments her unique voice and expresses his willingness to take risks as a businessman in exchange for security. As he approaches her, she notices Kanha’s picture on the calendar and becomes emotional.


Kunal beats up the man. He says I won’t deal with you. He runs to help Vandana. Vandana faints in Kunal’s arms.

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