Anupama 1st August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 1st August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama explains to Kavya that people often create stories of infidelity for themselves, just as Toshu and Vanraj have done in the past. However, she firmly believes that no excuse or reason can justify such behavior. Anupama refuses to accept Kavya’s story and portray her as a victim, as she knows the truth about her actions. Despite Kavya’s claim that the family did not accept her, it was actually Kavya herself who ruined Anupama’s marriage by having an affair with Vanraj. Although the family eventually accepted Kavya, she continued her affair with Anirudh while still being married to Vanraj. Anupama questions if Kavya would have revealed this secret if she were not pregnant.

Kavya denies having any emotional connection with Anirudh and claims she is not to blame. However, Anupama points out that Kavya had criticized Toshu for his alleged lack of emotional involvement with another girl in the past. Anupama then scolds Kavya for betraying Vanraj and reminds her of how Vanraj betrayed her for Kavya’s sake and deeply humiliated her. She reflects on how she endured 26 years of humiliation from Vanraj and taunts from Leela, and suggests that Kavya should have learned from her example. As someone who has experienced the pain of betrayal firsthand, she expresses her disappointment in Kavya’s actions and asserts that she has always stood against wrongdoing in the past and will continue to do so in the future. She concludes by stating that she does not expect any sympathy from Kavya.

The leg sprain is fixed by Anuj. Vanraj praises him. Anupama recalls seeing Kavya with Vanraj on her 25th wedding anniversary, etc. She never thought she would cheat Vanraj for Anirudh after learning about her pregnancy and bluntly suggesting an abortion. She criticizes men for their insensitivity. Anupama tells her not to blame men, because women are equally guilty of mistakes. She should accept her mistakes.

It was her intention to commit suicide if she weren’t pregnant; she doesn’t have any expectations from anyone and is managing alone, but then she realized that her child might not have the same level of family love as she did; she didn’t want to return, but when she got Vanraj’s love and family’s attention, she became greedy and lied that Anirudh’s child was Vanraj’s child; she needed family love and concern as any other pregnant woman, but now feels guilty.

As Vanraj searches for Kavya and Anupama, Anupama suggests to Kavya that she cannot build her life on lies, so she should reveal the truth to him. Kavya says Vanraj will leave her then if she does. According to Anupama, she’ll have guilt-free status, as the truth will still come out, and her baby will have to bear the consequences, etc., so she should tell Vanraj the truth before he learns it, if not now, someday.

She continues. Vanraj opens the door and finds them in that room. She tells Anupama she can do whatever she wants to, but she shouldn’t victimize herself and shouldn’t blame women. Anupama’s suggestion is good, but Kavya cannot tell it to Vanraj because Vanraj will shatter when he finds out that the baby belongs to Anirudh and not him. Hearing that, Vanraj stands shattered.


Barkha refuses to let Ankush’s illegitimate child stay at Kapadia house and asks Anupama if she allowed Anuj’s illegitimate child to stay with her. Vanraj breaks down remembering Kavya’s truth. Anupama comforts him.

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