Anupama 16th February 2024 Written Episode: Adhik’s Bold Move & Family Drama Unfolds

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After asking Adhik to sign, Vanraj says everyone should go to bed since it is late at night. Adhik burns the papers. Vanraj asks if his mind is on the place or not. Adhik says he has not been there for four years, but now he is. In his opinion, meeting once a month was an old condition, and he says he requested and pleaded with your daughter in front of her, but she refused to let me meet my daughter.

As he said, you humiliated me a lot, and a humble man should not be troubled so much that he leaves his goodness. Now, he wants custody of his daughter, so he apologizes to Baa and Babu Ji for saying so much in front of them. He says he will meet his daughter now and asks Dimpy to go with him; otherwise, they will accuse him. He leaves. He tells Pakhi and Vanraj not to bother him so much.

Shruti tells Aadhya that she cannot tell her everything. Aadhya hugs her and says I love you very much and only need you. She asks her to promise that she will never conceal anything. Aadhya asks her to promise first that she will never leave them and will never stop loving her father. Shruti says she has a headache and needs coffee.

He gives Dimpy chocolates for Ishani and tells Vanraj that the court will decide with whom Ishani will stay. If Pakhi plays any victim card or if you commit any conspiracy, you cannot stop me from taking Ishani.

Anupama asks Kinjal if she’s okay? Kinjal praises Yashdeep and says you’re lucky to have such a friend. Anupama replies, “He’s my boss.” Kinjal says he understands pain well, and maybe you will become friends. Anuj takes care of Shruti. Kinjal leaves. Anupama cries. Yashdeep smiles. Anuj leaves.

A boss is coming for brunch, Vanraj tells Baa. Baa says Kavya and Mahi have left for a picnic; otherwise, it would have been helpful. When his boss told him he would come, Vanraj couldn’t refuse. Baa says they couldn’t move even a needle when Anupama was here. Vanraj asks her not to take Great Devi’s name and says she spoils work. Babu Ji says work is completed because of her.

Imagining Aadhya and Shruti accusing her of stealing Anuj and committing suicide, Anupama wakes up shocked. Kavya and Mahi return home. Kavya explains that Mahi cancelled the picnic after she learned from Ishu that Vanraj’s boss was coming. Baa asks Mahi to tell her what work needs to be done. Baa says she needs to grow up first. Babu Ji praises Mahi. Who is our boss? Babu ji tells him who asks us to do the work. Mahi asks Baa if she is his boss.

Pakhi comes there and asks Vanraj about Adhik. She says she can’t sleep, and he says he offered to sleep to her, but he refused. Pakhi asks if he is scared. Vanraj gets upset. Eventually, he sees Dimpy smiling and asks her for her phone. Dimpy makes an excuse and leaves.

When Vanraj’s boss arrives, he introduces his family. Babu ji introduces Mahi as his granddaughter. The boss asks Vanraj if he got late. Vanraj asks Kavya to keep her daughter in the room. Anupama thinks about telling Shruti the truth. Shruti thinks about how she will bear it. She calls Anupama and arranges a meeting with her at the spice and chutney restaurant.


She meets Anupama and says AK. Anupama says your AK. Shruti says our K’s were incomplete since you completed them.

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