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Anupama 22ndDecember 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upon landing in America, Anupama says Namaste India and smiles. She sees people hugging their relatives who have come. Mr. Goenka asks Anupama what she is thinking. She says her heart is a blank paper on which she will write a happy, sad new story. He says I hope there’s no sadness in it, and then asks if I’ll drop you off somewhere.

Anupama is surprised when Santa arrives and takes her hand, wishing her a Merry Christmas. As they dance with the children, Anupama envisions Choti by her side, and tears fill her eyes. Santa hands her a cross, encouraging her to make a fresh start. She then hops into a taxi and heads off alone on her journey. Earlier, she had been told that by attempting to change her destiny, she would have opportunities to fulfill her dreams – something others in her position might broadcast as a source of pride – before being joined by Santa and the joyful children in their holiday revelry.

The taxi driver inquires about the destination, but Anupama’s address is unclear. She retrieves her diary and reads it aloud. Upon understanding, he suggests using GPRS. Despite being an old-fashioned girl in the modern world, Anupama adapts and calls her friend Devika to update her new contact number. Devika encourages her to take in the views outside the window during their journey. Anupama happily takes in the sights along the way. Upon reaching their destination, the driver demands 35 dollars for the fare. Anupama protests at this exorbitant amount and accuses him of robbing her. He counters by threatening to involve the police if she doesn’t pay up.

After giving him money, Anupama decides she won’t take that taxi again. She reaches the restaurant The Gujrat on a plate. The cleaner lady informs her that it is closed. Anupama asks how it can be closed. The lady says it is legally closed because there was a drama there. After being shocked, Anupama calls Devika, but her number doesn’t work. She wonders where she will stay and how she will survive.

As she asks the passengers about the shop owner, nobody knows. She calls Devika again. A robber stares at her. Anupama wonders who will help me, nobody, and where to go. She sees a blind guy singing and gives him food. She says India and Indians help people in need. A robber follows her. As evening approaches, Anupama sits on a bench. The robber approaches her.


During the night, robbers attack her and steal her purse and handbag. Anupama cries for help.

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