Meet 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumeet Suspects Pankhudi’s Intentions.


Meet 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet asks Shlok if sending Pankhudi to America will improve her situation. It might be helpful to speak with Sarthak and gain insight into Pankhudi’s predicament. However, Shlok’s anger flares up as he remembers how Sarthak, once a trusted individual, betrayed them. Overhearing their conversation, Raj feels remorseful for his mistreatment of Pankhudi. Sumeet attempts to reassure Shlok that although Sarthak has changed, he used to be a good person, husband, and father. She suggests that uncovering the truth may aid in Pankhudi’s recovery.

The next day, Pankhudi takes Priyanka’s dress and decides to wear it. She discreetly cuts the iron’s wire with a knife and adds water, hoping it will shock Priyanka. Shlok warns Sumeet not to tell anyone about their plan to meet Sarthak. Meanwhile, Priyanka goes to iron her dress before her visa interview, while Poonam suggests that Sumeet talk to her since she is nervous. Despite Pankhudi’s attempts to stop him, Sumeet notices a spark and stops Priyanka from touching the iron.

According to her, the iron wire is both damaged and wet. Pankhudi’s plot to harm Priyanka proves unsuccessful. Sumeet and Shlok visit Sarthak’s residence and speak to the neighbors for information. They discover that he has been back, alone and grieving, with his house now locked up. Shlok makes a mental note to search for Sarthak later while instructing Sumeet to return home as he has a meeting with a music producer. Preparing for her visa interview, Priyanka organizes her documents diligently. As she and Raj accidentally collide in the hallway, he grins in admiration. However, Raj suddenly recalls Pankhudi and avoids making eye contact with Priyanka.

As Priyanka attempts to ask him about his changed behavior, Pankhudi conveniently arrives and shares that she needs her forgotten file retrieved. Pankhudi vividly remembers placing the file on top of the cupboard with a glass beside it. Sumeet runs into one of Priyanka’s colleagues from the beauty salon, who shows her impressive nail art extensions, which Pankhudi has done. Sumeet immediately recalls where she has seen those designs before. Pankhudi makes a comment to Raj about how well he is taking care of her, causing her to become accustomed to it potentially. She also believes that any lingering tension between them will soon vanish.

While Priyanka attempts to retrieve the file, a heavy dumbbell accidentally falls on her foot, causing an injury. Pankhudi then reveals that she has also decided to receive treatment in India to avoid burdening anyone. Despite Priyanka’s insistence that she accompany Raj, Sumeet becomes suspicious of Raj’s sudden attention towards Pankhudi rather than Priyanka. Upon mentioning this to Shlok, Sumeet recalls how Shlok only uses the dumbbells and notices a nail extension near the cupboard that matches one seen on an iron wire earlier. After contacting the salon staff for confirmation that it belongs to Pankhudi, Sumeet begins connecting the pieces and realizes that Pankhudi intends to go along with Raj.


I don’t know what to do in this situation because someone close to me is hurting someone else who is also close to me. Shlok tells Sumeet to support the truth and asks who is doing wrong. Sumeet takes Pankhudi’s name. Looking at Pankhudi, Sumeet says something is going on, and I’m sure she is planning something.

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