Barsatein 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhana Chooses Jai Over Reyansh


Barsatein 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Aradhana stating her love for Reyansh. However, she also needs to consider her family’s wishes, as they are important to her. She questions whether she should prioritize his opinions over theirs, reminding him that not everything he says is true. While he may know her well and understand her heart, he has also been known to exploit her vulnerabilities. How can she trust someone who constantly hurts her and then apologizes? His selfishness is evident in how he has hurt others in his pursuit of her. Despite this, when asked about her choice, it has always been him and only him. However, marriage is a different matter altogether. She brings up Reyansh’s mother and asks if she ever found happiness by getting what she wanted. The man who never looked back seemed to be the root of her unhappiness.

He is explained to her. She says I have seen Bhakti and Malini keeping married. Those relations are the most important to me because your love is madness, it has passion, and it’s good until no one gets hurt, but I’ve also seen a calm love where there is peace; I’d like a relationship where there is peace, where everyone is happy. When she approaches Jai, she says, “I know you won’t hurt me. Will you marry me?” She asks Jai to clarify.

She says you told me to choose, and I am choosing, so why can’t you tolerate it? I am leaving by my wish. You can’t keep me happy so that I will marry Jai. Nita asks Akash to stop this. Jai is happy—Aradhana and Jai exchange garlands. Reyansh is sad. Mai teri hogai…..plays…. Aradhana and Jai visit the mandap. Bhakti and Malini tie the gathbandhan. Aradhana and Jai walk the wedding rounds. Rabba mere…plays…

Bhakti takes Reyansh away, asking him to leave. Though Akash states that it’s ultimately Jai’s decision and they can’t do much, Jai proceeds to make Aradhana wear the mangalsutra and apply sindoor. Reyansh exits as Jai asks for a heartfelt blessing. Nita assures that his well-being is enough. After receiving blessings from Jai and Aradhana, they take their leave. Jai hands the promised money to the pandit, who confirms completing his tasks as instructed.

Meanwhile, Aradhana ponders the day’s events, expressing to Jai how their marriage seemed strange and how he had to endure so much. She acknowledges that their relationship is only for show and doesn’t intend to have any personal connection with him. However, she promises to fulfill her duties as a wife. As she hands him a glass of milk, she is stunned by Reyansh’s sudden appearance and exclaims his name in shock.


Reyansh says I won’t let you forget me. Aradhana thinks I won’t see your face. Malini says I had a dream of seeing my daughter get married. Reyansh hurts himself. Aradhana worries.

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