Barsatein 28th December 2023 Written Episode: Jai’s Birthday Celebration Turns Awkward as Aradhana Faces Unexpected Guests


Barsatein 28th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Jai confronting Aradhana, causing Reyansh to intervene and remind him to behave appropriately. Jai brings out a cake and explains that he wanted to cut it with his wife as a joke but assures everyone that he trusts Aradhana. He apologizes for any misunderstanding and reminds Reyansh of their strong relationship. After cutting the cake, Aradhana sings for Jai while Reyansh leaves. Meanwhile, Nita washes her face but is startled when the water suddenly stops. She calls out for Varun, who sees her and calls her a “chudail” (witch). Nita requests him to fetch some water for her, to which he reluctantly complies while she becomes angry.

As Jai and I chat, he mentions how much we miss the small things in life. This quiet moment with you is lovely, especially since we rarely have time for the two of us. It’s funny that I don’t have a car, but being here with you feels so good. However, Jai also shares his disappointment about being unable to take me out for dinner. But I quickly reassured him that we were friends and that it was okay. He seemed worried that I might leave him, but I promptly dispelled his concerns by reminding him of my promise to always be there for him. As a token of our friendship, I hand him a gift he admires – a bracelet I bought specially for him. As he puts it on, Reyansh watches on with interest. Jai expresses his love for the bracelet and promises to cook dinner for me tomorrow as a return gift. I happily agree, and we both leave with big smiles.

Aradhana is at the office the following day, chatting with Jai. Suddenly, a man rushes in and shares news about a major attack. He urges them to go and report live from the location. Without wasting time, Aradhana gets to work while Reyansh watches on, wondering why she is so worried. She quickly instructs him to fetch her outfit while she makes arrangements to leave. Meanwhile, Jai calls to check on the situation, and the man on the other end updates him about the attack. As Aradhana hurries to change, Jai finalizes dinner plans for their date later that evening and seems impressed with his efforts. Just then, he calls up Aradhana to ensure she is okay and offers assistance if needed.

The lady gives Reyansh the details of the fort attack. He asks did Aradhana go? She says no, she went to change. Aradhana comes to the site and covers the news. She thinks there might be someone inside that car. She rushes to help. She sees a lady. She asks her to come outside. Aradhana takes the lady to the office. The lady says I landed from London and got close to death. Aradhana says I understand. She recalls Reyansh. The lady says I have feelings for my lover. Reyansh arrives and asks if everything is okay.

Aradhana says we came here. He asks who she is. He thinks I’ve seen this girl somewhere. Aradhana says I’m going home. She takes Bani home. She says I thought I would help her and get her there. Bhakti says you did a good job. Jai says Bani… you here. Bani smiles and embraces him. She says you forgot me, and Nita was in touch. Where are Varun and Uncle? Bani asks who all these people are. Nita hugs Bani. She says Bani is Jai’s friend and a good lawyer.

Nita, who is married to Jai, mentions that Bhakti is her mother. She reveals that Jai and Bani had a close relationship and used to talk for hours. Aradhana believes that Bani has feelings for Jai. Despite wanting to surprise everyone on her birthday, Bani misses her flight and embraces Jai upon seeing him. She questions him if he’s hiding something, to which he denies. Nita suggests giving special treatment to Bani, and Aradhana obliges by taking her around the fort area and bringing her home. However, a fight erupts between Bani and Jai for unknown reasons. Bani then turns to Aradhana to explain Jai’s behavior, but Aradhana advises her to rest instead. However, Bani insists on celebrating Jai’s birthday because she arrived late despite knowing the occasion.


Then, Aradhana asks Reyansh if he knows Bani. Reyansh replies that Bani is mad at Jai. Bhakti responds that Jai went out with Bani. Aradhana sees Jai and Bani together. Reyansh appears.

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