Pandya Store 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Suman Suffers a Heart Attack, Natasha and Chiku Struggle

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 11th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

When Chiku climbs the wall, he tries to figure out what’s happening. When Natasha sees Suman, Shesh, and Mittu, she cries and falls into Suman’s lap. Suman asks what happened, and Natasha says she cheated. Suman worries. Chiku watches. When Natasha says she went away from her family when she returns, they leave me, and Chiku leaves. Suman wants to know what happened right now. Dhawal lied, and love, promises, marriage, and everything else were drama. Suman is shocked.

Natasha embraces Suman, convinced that Dhawal has betrayed her trust. Upon hearing this, Chiku can’t help but feel that something unjust has occurred. Meanwhile, Dhawal is en route and contemplates Natasha’s sincerity. In a sudden turn of events, he gets into an accident but manages to get back on his feet. Bhaven expresses concern that this could be their most significant loss yet, but Amrish refuses to accept defeat. He declares that he will stop at nothing to take back the store from Natasha, who is no longer a part of their family and should not be mentioned in their discussions.

As Chiku slips and falls, his companions turn to see him. Despite their shock, he assures them that he is okay. Suddenly, Suman also suffers a heart attack and faints, prompting Natasha to call for help from the city hospital quickly. Chiku swiftly carries Suman to the sofa while Natasha checks on her. However, despite their efforts, Suman remains unresponsive. In a panic, Chiku once again lifts Suman as they rush out of the house and go to the hospital. After a doctor’s examination, it is revealed that Suman indeed suffered a heart attack. Overwhelmed with emotions, Natasha breaks down in tears while Chiku comforts her. Meanwhile, Dhawal notices someone leaving with a bag and yells for Natasha to stop them. In an attempt to intervene, Dhawal is pushed aside by the stranger, who then proceeds to assault him. The bystanders then gather around to beat up the attacker for harassing a woman.

Suman reminds Natasha of her childhood. The girl worries for Dhawal and gets him water. Dhawal says I did not mean to tease you. I’m hurt. Natasha asks the doctor about Suman. She says nothing will happen to Suman. She asks Suman to get up. The doctor says her condition is critical, we are reviving her, let’s continue the work. Tere bina…plays….

Everyone cries. Natasha says sorry, I shouldn’t have told you about this. She says Shesh and Mittu, see, Suman doesn’t get up. She asks Suman to get up for Chiku. She asked what I would say when Chiku arrived. Chiku looks on and tears. He urges Natasha to get up. He says let the doctor do their work. Natasha says no, I won’t leave her and go. Dhawal feels guilty.


Chiku comes to Amrish and tells him I found a way to break you, I’m Yashodan Pandya, I won’t leave you.

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