Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Surili begins by acknowledging that Samar deeply misses his family and their affectionate care. She mentions how he even felt like Ranimaa’s food was made by his own mother, something she has noticed. However, Samar immediately denies this and accuses Surili of lying. She insists on the truth, explaining how he was eavesdropping on their conversation from outside the kitchen and became upset upon seeing them together. She believes that he purposely burned the family album in an attempt to hurt them. Surili claims that Samar cannot bear to be apart from his brothers and seeks comfort in their presence. Otherwise, he would not have allowed them to stay at the house. Agitated, Samar responds with a harsh “shut up.”

According to Samar, you fear that I will reveal your inner emptiness to the public. She also believes that we have a hostile relationship. Despite that, she has observed how concerned you are for Mohit’s well-being, even though he is Shiv’s son – the common factor being blood relation. You see yourself in Mohit and our stories are similar, which is why you feel connected to him. She points out that there are many children like Shiv’s son and it’s not just him you feel drawn to; you want this family to accept you as their own and become a son-figure. She assures you that your mother will receive the same respect as Ranimaa does in this family.

Samar says he doesn’t want anything from me. Maan says Bhai, I know our childhood was different, you are no different from Shiv, Raghav and Sam, leave this hatred and revenge. When you were attempting to kill me, you told me that I was the purest person in this family; will you listen to me now?

Surili tells Shiv, Samar didn’t do anything, we came to talk to him. Samar gets angry. Maan stops him. Samar tells Surili that no one can stop Shiv’s auction now, so wear good clothes.

We have assets worth 2 crores, so how will we manage that? Shiv says I have a solution. They leave. The auction begins. The media ask Ranimaa about Samar. Surili says she should leave her alone, it’s not the right time. Samar thanks for coming in this auction. He permits the auction of this Ranak Mahal. The lawyer says we will start at 8 crores. Raghav bids as well.

In the race, Samar wonders what happened to him. Sam, Maan, and Shiv also bid. Surili checks her phone and prays. Samar asks Shiv to bid higher. Surili says 35 crores. She wins. The lawyer says the Barot family gets this palace again. Surili says it’s not important, we got the palace again, and we’ll go home. Ranimaa says we got our palace back. Shiv says yes, we didn’t lose it. Samar says impossible, I had snatched everything from them.

Despite their unity, Roshni smiles at Surili. She remembers supporting her and meeting her. She informs her family about the auction. Ranimaa worries. Surili says we’ll find a way, we still have time. Shiv says we’ll sell everything we have. Maan says I can try to sell my books and stories. Ranimaa asks if you’ll sell your dreams to buy our dreams. Maan replies, “We are one.”

Surili says the palace will cost around 20 crores. Ranimaa asks how we will arrange it. Mohit says it will be done, and we’ll sell the football as well. Ranimaa cries and hugs him, saying he is a true Barot. They all smile. The flashback ends. Samar asks Roshni why she cheated.

Surili thank her. She says it’s my son’s family, I can’t let them break, he chose the truth, and I understand my mistake, I will go where he, my family, goes. Shiv says we only have 20 crores, how did you get 15 crores? Surili says Baba ji helped us. Ranimaa goes to get the palace papers. Everyone applauds.


Surili and Shiv fight. A man shoots Shiv. Everyone shouts and runs to Shiv for help.


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