Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th July 2023 Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Surilii refusing to apologize to Ambitai. She leaves. Ambitai gets medicine and asks Samar for it. I would have valued Surilii if she had met me outside of the Barot family, but she has become a thorn in my side, and I like to play with fire. Maan comes to Rani Maa and says Surilii is not wrong, someone is trying to harm this family, she is not lying, and we got strict with her.

You are my blood, she says, but I can’t trust Surilii and her family, since Sasha might be involved. Surilii gets a call. Raghu gets a call. He tries to handle the business issue. He says he trusts her and her family. I saw her passion and fear for this family, just as you did.

“The pace of investment has been quite sluggish,” he comments. Swati inquires about his plan of action. He responds, “Shiv and Maa are accustomed to dealing with such circumstances; I’m having trouble comprehending it.” She thinks he is a duffer. He says I’ll ask Mum. She says you won’t take help, we’ll figure it out in two days. He replies okay. He rests on her shoulder. She stops him, saying it’s time to work, not rest.

Surilii and Shiv stay away upset. Ambitai comes. She says Rani Maa has called Shiv, it’s Raja Saheb’s birthday puja at the temple today. He leaves. She asks can I come inside. She asks why you want to tell the secret to everyone, you won’t get anything against me. She warns Surilii.

Surilii was scornfully taunting her when Ambitai said she was scared for her, concerned that she’d been so badly insulted. But when Surilii asked if Ambitai was done, she thanked her and left. Swati then asked Samar to help Raghu, to which he readily agreed saying Raghu was very fortunate to have such a beautiful wife – although Swati corrected him quickly, explaining she had married for practicality not love and to gain the rights Shiv had denied her. Pointing out they were both in the same boat, Swati suggested it would be best for them to work together as Shiv had no interest in doing business with Samar should he acquire power.

They exchange a handshake, followed by his expression of gratitude. He remarks on the enjoyable experience of collaborating with individuals of intelligence. As a token of appreciation, he presents her with a diamond necklace. Amazed, she exclaims over its beauty, and he affirms that it is meant for her. She extends her thanks, touched by the gesture’s significance. With reassurance, he mentions that she deserves the best and encourages her not to fret, reminding her of his support. He wishes her a pleasant day as she departs.

He laughs and says I didn’t know the Barot family foundation was so weak, Swati you are a single piece, you’re asking for help when I have caused this harm, good, I’ll keep you in mind. The inspector meets Surilii. He says Monty spoke up and said he had seen that person in marriage. The sketch artist has been contacted, and you should see the sketch and let me know if you recognize him. She thanks, I’ll be at the police station in an hour, so please go. Upon hearing this, Ambitai realizes that she needs to take action.

She promptly sends a message to Samar, who expresses concern and mentions the tricky situation. He frets over not having had the chance to meet Monty yet. To make matters worse, he becomes stranded in an elevator, pleading for someone to open the door as he’s trapped without a network signal. Ambitai attempts to call him but finds his number unreachable. Samar directs his frustration towards an individual, demanding the door to be opened. Meanwhile, Rani Maa and her family engage in a puja ceremony. However, she soon realizes the urgency of heading to the police station.

The pandit hands over the list of puja items, prompting Rani Maa to assign Swati with the responsibility of overseeing the havan. Pandit says everyone should be present in the havan. Surilii has important work to do, so she is going to be late. Pandit says problems will get worse, so it’s a good thing there is a protector in the family who is keeping evil at bay. Shiv watches. Ambitai sees Surilii leaving in the car. She says she’s headed for the police station; I’ll see how she gets there. A man says I’ll call the mechanic.

When Maasi is in desperation, Samar says, “I have to do something.” Rani Maa and everyone are in the puja. Ambitai follows Surilii, who lays nails on the road. Samar opens the lift door. He calls Ambitai, asking why she doesn’t answer. Ambitai hides. The tyres of Surilii’s car burst. Shiv drops the thread. Surilii’s car hit a tree. She is injured. Shiv opens his eyes.


The projector shows Ambitai threatening Monty. Samar and Ambitai come home. Everyone looks at Ambitai.

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