Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 8th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Rani Maa arriving at the event and meeting the people gathered there. A man presents her with a gift. Upon seeing a sketch of herself, she expresses her gratitude, remarking on its beauty. The man inquires about Shiv’s whereabouts. Maan shows Shivendra through a video call, and Rani Maa engages in a conversation with him. Rani Maa emphasizes the importance of accepting change without losing one’s true self and informs Shivendra that he will be back at the palace by evening. Shivendra apologizes for not being able to attend her Shahi yatra (royal procession). Rani Maa playfully states that he will have to pay for it in due time, and Shivendra agrees. He informs her that he is sending Veera back and promises to join her for the puja (prayer ceremony). Rani Maa requests him not to bring any gifts for her as she has already decided on her desired gift. Shivendra assures her that he will give her whatever she wants. He inquires about Surilii’s absence, and Surilii is shown instructing the staff at the bakery, ensuring that everything is on track. A girl expresses her gratitude to Surilii, who encourages her to visit her café to witness the real magic. Meanwhile, Shivendra gets busy with a conference.

Sasha takes care of Diya, guiding her to recite and remember a poem. She feeds Diya and inquires about when Surilii will arrive. Maasi also misses Surilii and offers to help Diya prepare for her performance. Sasha observes their interaction. Maasi assures Diya that she will make her recite the poem and compliments, Sasha, stating that she knows Sasha didn’t intentionally cause any harm to Surilii. Sasha becomes emotional, and Maasi acknowledges their deep love for each other, urging Sasha to eat some food. Maasi feeds Sasha, and they share a smile.

Shivendra goes to meet Surilii, who apologizes for overreacting the previous day and assures him that everything is sorted out. Surilii jokes and Shivendra laughs in response. She hands him a cup of coffee, suggesting he enjoy it. Surilii mentions being late for Diya’s annual day function and expresses a desire to meet again if fate allows. However, Shivendra stops her and confesses that he wanted to ask if they could end things over a cup of coffee, just like how it all started.

He asks her if she would like to have a cup of coffee with him. Surilii expresses her willingness but explains that Diya won’t be able to perform if she doesn’t arrive on time. She leaves, and Rani Maa reveals her intention to make the relationship between the Raizadas and the Barots official. Raghu, feeling unwell, requests to postpone it. Rani Maa worries about him. Surilii spots the driver and instructs him to leave before Shivendra sees him.

The driver explains how Shivendra’s men caught him and brought him there, giving him the uniform and a job while also helping him resolve his loan issue. Surilii is delighted by the news and asks him to leave. Bandish arrives, runs, and hands Surilii a cheque as her payment. He thanks her for getting Bhau a job and explains how Shivendra helps all the employees, considering them as his own. Bandish mentions

Shivendra goes out in a rainstorm to apologize to Surilii. He wishes her a safe drive and bids her farewell. Surilii returns to meet Shiv and brings a cup of coffee. Shivendra recalls a special moment from his childhood with his father, which brings a smile to his face. Surilii approaches him and asks if they can have a cup of coffee together. Shivendra smiles warmly at her.

In the upcoming episode, Surilii reveals to Shivendra about the tragic accident that took her parents’ lives. Touched by her story, Shivendra reaches out and gently holds her hand, offering his support and understanding.

Meanwhile, Rani Maa embraces Madhu, expressing her gratitude for accepting the proposal to strengthen their families bond. Madhu acknowledges her decision, stating that she agreed for the sake of her daughter. However, she warns Rani Maa that if Shivendra ever hurts her daughter, she will not hesitate to bring ruin to the palace.


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