Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sahiba says she has been telling Akaal the same thing for a long. Akaal says he has a solution for that. Angad asks what it is. All displays and art pieces in Brar mansion will be removed by Akaal and replaced with Sahiba’s artwork. He will pay 20 lakh rupees for her artwork. Sahiba asks why he would do that. Akaal says this would be her last art piece as Brar DILs do not work outside the house. Sahiba’s problem has been resolved, according to Gurleen and others.

Sahiba says she cannot accept it as Akaal is trying to confine her art in a house. She wanted to fly using her art as feathers and won’t let anyone cut them. Angad says she opposes Akaal’s kind behaviour. Because Akaal didn’t want to be harsh on Sahiba, he won’t let her work outside until she was here.

She says she would rather leave the house than leave her art. Seerat asks how she can say this. Sahiba leaves. Angad tries to follow Sahiba. Akaal stops him and says he wants to speak alone. Japjyoth thinks about what Akaal wants to say. Hansraj says Akaal may suggest Angad divorce Sahiba, whatever didn’t happen in this house till now will happen now. Manveer says Akaal is a mature and sensible man, and she knows he won’t suggest it.

Angad proposes an easy way out to Sahiba, but she insists on going through a difficult path and rejects the offer. Akaal realizes that since Sahiba is from a middle-class family, her self-respect would be tarnished if she took someone’s help, even willing to leave the house in order to protect it. He knows that divorce or someone walking out has never been an option for this family before, and counsels Angad to handle the matter with delicacy. If Ghee cannot be taken out with a straight finger, then he has to bend it.

Sahiba asks Seerat why she isn’t accepting Akaal’s offer as she walks behind her. Sahiba asks if she is saying this. Sahiba says she can’t compromise on her dignity and leaves for her shop. Seerat says Sahiba shouldn’t lose this opportunity, etc. Sahiba says she can’t compromise her dignity. When Angad walks in, he asks Seerat what she’s doing.

Seerat says she came to convince Sahiba, but she is not ready to listen. Angad says Sahiba doesn’t understand his point at all and simply wants to fight. Thanking him for helping these parents, Seerat provokes him against Sahiba. Angad says it is his room, so Manveer wonders if Seerat is trying to evoke feelings in Angad’s heart. When she walks in, she apologizes for mistakenly thinking it was his room. Angad says it is. Manveer asks Seerat what she is doing here then.

Manveer says Seerat doesn’t have to apologize on Sahiba’s behalf, they live in a joint family and she can talk to Sahiba in her room or anywhere in the big Brar house. Angad informs Seerat that Manveer is upset regarding Sahiba’s misbehaviour. Seerat apologizes to Manveer if she offended him unintentionally.

In her shop, Sahiba reflects on the event which happened just now. Kulcha questions why she is sad. Sahiba says things don’t work out the way we think. She has turned her shop into a hurdle for her. Ajith walks in. Sahiba cries and asks why women have to prove themselves constantly.

In Angad’s room, Seerat asks for headache medicine. Angad says Sahiba keeps the medicine in Seerat’s room. Seerat asks if he can’t reach out to Angad for help. Angad says Sahiba must have kept medicine in Seerat’s room and cannot be wrong. Sahiba is stared at angrily by Seerat.


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