Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s Dinner Plans

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, there is a moment between Dhawal and Natasha. She kisses his cheek and goes. He asks her to stop. They cook together. He says he’s just helping you out. She tells him I forgot to knead the flour. She jumps to get the flour box. Dhawal smiles at her. Chup chupke…plays… He gets the box. The flour falls over them. They laugh. The dish is burning. They laugh and hug.

When Isha comes to visit Chiku, he worries and asks you to go here. She says you ignored me and he says no, Suman will get up. She says I’ll tell Suman that you called me. He says you’re a big liar. Please leave. He dreams of Isha. He murmurs in sleep. Suman wakes up and asks where I should go. Chiku says no, I was massaging your legs. Suman asks if Isha has come to your thoughts. He says no, he is going to sleep. She says sweet dreams.

Dhawal and Natasha collide in the morning. She says I’ll cook something good for you. Dhawal says don’t worry about food, I’ll come pick you up from the office, your leg hurts, so that’s why. She says don’t worry, my leg is fine now. I just wanted to say something else. He asks what you mean. He smiles. She says we worked hard for the job, so we should celebrate. He says it’s a date when a boy and girl go out together on a night.

As she gets shy, he asks if she will be scared of me. She asks, why would I be scared? We need to get Amba’s permission before we go. He says fine, I’ll get flowers for you. Amba acts in front of everyone. Amrish asks her how her leg has been. She says it’s better. She blesses her sons. Dhawal and Natasha arrive. He greets Amba. He says he has a request. Natasha and I want to go out for dinner with her.

Amba and everyone watch. He says it’s good that we all go out for dinner. Dhawal says we keep going, Natasha and I will go alone, he says. Chirag and Dolly recently got married, so take them along. It will be good. Amba says I understood, I wasn’t pulling your leg, hotel food doesn’t suit me. Chirag and Dolly smile. He says we will go. Dhawal says I will come. He leaves.

Dolly shows the pictures to Amba. Amrish stops Chirag and asks him to see the orders once. Chirag says okay and goes. Pranali says I’ll never go on a dinner with Bhaven. Dhawal thinks we should have gone alone. Natasha says Chirag and Dolly will make it fun. Natasha is innocent, and Chirag believes it won’t be fun; you take Natasha somewhere else, and I’ll take Dolly elsewhere.

Dhawal enthusiastically agrees while Amrish watches and realizes it is the perfect opportunity to take action. Isha arrives to see Chiku, exclaiming, “You’re here!” Chiku questions if she is thinking of him, to which Isha responds affirmatively. However, she quickly clarifies that she came to meet Suman. Suman enters and greets Isha. She presents the fruits, apologizing for not visiting yesterday due to a situation with Natasha. Natasha became overwhelmed and unable to complete their mother’s task, resulting in an accident involving a falling cupboard. Therefore, Isha was unable to come sooner. Suman inquires about Amba’s well-being, and Isha reassures her that she is doing well.

Suman acknowledges Natasha’s excellent work, while Isha believes she lacks maturity due to her youth. However, I have come to visit and must leave now. Take care. As Suman exits, she spots Isha and Chiku and instructs Chiku to express his feelings for Isha. Suman also shares her fondness for Isha but reminds Chiku that Natasha is his sister-in-law, and any romantic involvement could complicate family dynamics. Please understand and refrain from pursuing her. My apologies for bringing this up. Suman then departs.

Chiku believes Chutki and Suman are also refusing. What could be the issue? Amrish inquires Hetal about Natasha and Dolly’s whereabouts. Hetal responds that they are preparing for dinner. Amrish then expresses his need for their signatures. Hetal promises to call them. Bhaven presents the signed paper and asks Dolly to add her signature. Amrish asks for clarification on why they are hurrying, to which she explains that her father-in-law has decided to divide 50% of profits between the four daughters-in-law. Dolly smiles and signs the papers. However, Amrish realizes he still needs Natasha’s signature. Dolly hands him the file, and Amrish suggests Dhawal fetch it from her since it is essential to send it back to her father-in-law. Hetal agrees and completes the task accordingly.

Dolly says Dad has sent these papers, Natasha must sign them, and profit shares will go to four bahus. Dhawal says amazing. She says to get it signed. Chirag says he will do the work and come. They leave. Dhawal says they gave me work on my date. Dhawal comes downstairs. Dhawal smiles at her. Dhawal says they gave me work even on my date. He thinks that once Dhawal gets the sign, I will get the Pandya store, and Natasha will leave the house.


I gave this relationship a second chance, but you tricked me by taking my signature on those papers. You have broken the Pandya store, and I have broken it as well.

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