Pandya Store 12th February 2023 Written Update

It starts with Raavi telling the police that Chutki will be seen by them. Shweta tells them Chutki is going to die. They are all shocked. She says she is very ill, if you call the police, she will die there itself like an orphan, she needs medicine and treatment, so you decide what you want to do, to get her treated or to send me to jail.

When the police leave, Dhara asks Raavi to come. They take Shweta. Dev calms down Rishita. Dhara says to keep an eye on Shweta, she is clever. We will find out about Chutki once the police leave. Shweta can’t go anywhere until they find out about Chutki. Raavi tells Dhara not to worry. Dhara goes. Inspector asks where Shweta is. Dev starts lying. Inspector asks what’s the joke.

Dev asks Dhara about Chutki. She answers that we thought we would have gotten Chutki today on Krish’s engagement. Gautam asks about Shweta. Dhara and Suman ask him to go to sleep. Inspector asks where Shweta is, I think you are hiding something. Gautam agrees. Suman asks Inspector to have food. He declines. Suman says to pack the food for him. Dhara says I will get it for him. He says we must search your house. They worry. Dhara asks why, we aren’t hiding anything, when we find out what happened to Shweta, we will inform you, Chutki has been kidnapped.

As Shiva asks the lady for the kids, he calls them out. Chiku and the kids take Chutki home. Raavi and Shweta worry. She ties up Shweta. Dhara worries and stops Gautam. She locks him in the kitchen. Inspector returns. Constable says no one was found.

Raavi says we won’t get Chutki if Shweta gets arrested. Constable knocks on the door. Raavi hides Shweta. She opens it. Shweta hides from the constable. Raavi signs to the family. Suman says, “We told you, there is no one there.”. They all look worried. Raavi recalls tying Shweta’s hands and legs and pushing her outside the window. Shweta goes inside the window and cuts the ties. Dhara says you think we did something wrong. Dev says it was a misunderstanding, we wanted to know if the kidnapper was caught. Inspector says sorry, it is our duty to do so.

Raavi says I tied her outside the window, so she can’t run away. Dhara says you did a good job. Dhara says I know how she will give Chutki. Rishita says she came to take Chiku 7 years ago as well, as she does today. This time, Chutki got sacrificed. Please save her, give Chiku. Shweta writes a message on the window. Chiku is home.


Shweta hides from them when Rishita says to find her mum in the temple, she will call her. They hear the bell ringing and go out to see.

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