Pandya Store 15th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Shesh keeps the album after Chutki throws it. Suman claps for Chutki’s acting and asks her to have wafers and drinks. Chutki says sorry, I don’t work for free. Suman says I’ll give you chocolate, wafers, anything you like. Chutki acts. Suman laughs and hugs Chutki. She thinks Chutki would be just like her. Raavi asks Mittu to play outside. Raavi asks Shesh to play outside. Rishita throws the food. Dhara asks did you get mad, the food is for the kids.

Dhara tells Suman and Chutki to think about what to do next, Krish’s phone is off. Rishita argues. Dhara gets angry and scolds her. Rishita says Chutki is no one to her. Raavi says we have this only chance to save Chutki, and if Krish doesn’t answer, it doesn’t mean we’ll wait. Dev asks how money is going to be raised. Raavi says we’re going to call the buyer and sell the house to free Chutki. Rishita says that’s right, I have his number.

As Shiva recalls Shweta kidnapping Chutki, Raavi says it’s all fine, don’t worry. He says I just heard about Chutki, so tell me. Raavi asks Dev to take Shiva inside. Dhara says I called that man to stop you all from leaving the house. Rishita gets angry and scolds him. Raavi also scolds Dhara. Shiva throws things and asks what you are hiding from him.

Shiva says you won’t tell me why they’re fighting with Dhara. Dev says don’t worry, it’s fine. Shiva swears on Dhara, you’re lying to me. Raavi comes in. During the fight, he asks what’s going on, why you were fighting with Dhara, and where Chutki is. Raavi asks him to catch Shiva. Raavi gives Shiva medicine. Shiva falls asleep. Dev says I’ll handle Rishita. He leaves. Dhara gets sad seeing Dev, Rishita and Raavi handing out the pamphlets. Suman feeds Chutki. Dhara asks Chutki to sleep in her room.

Chutki says I don’t share my room with anyone, just my mother. Dhara says she isn’t here today. Suman says come with me, sleep in my room, we will have fun. Chutki goes with her. Rishita sits and weeps. Shesh asks what happened to mum, I’m feeling hungry, I’ll go. Rishita asks her to sleep. Dhara remembers Shweta’s words and tears up. Gautam taunts her, saying my house is in this state because of you.

Dev asks him to come to him. Shesh sleeps on Dev’s lap. Rishita lies as well. Gautam says stop crying and talk to Krish. Suman snores. Chutki says you snore so loud. Suman wakes up and asks what’s up. Chutki says you snore so loud. Suman tells her to sleep. Shweta comes to get Chutki.


Shweta sneaks into the house. She says that she is Natasha’s mother. She takes Chutki with her. Everyone wakes up and sees the kids.

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