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Meet 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Muh Dikhae ceremony in Sarkarpur is done with tattoos, so Manmeet tells Meet to write on her hand, I’m Manmeet’s wife, and this will be her identity from now on. If she accepts, she will be able to live here, or else she has to leave. Manmeet thinks now everyone will know you still love your husband. He asks Meet if he is ready for the ceremony, and he asks someone to get the machine.

In response, Jasodha walks over to Manmeet and says you’re out of your mind, are you aware of the importance of the Tattoo Ceremony, you won’t be able to kick her out if she gets the tattoo. The first look at Manmeet’s face and hands shows she is already feeling anxious about the ceremony. Does she think we will be able to write I am Manmeet’s wife, I know she is acting, and she is here for documents. Jasodha says if that is the case, then I am proud of you. Meet thinks I won’t let him take away my identity.

He walks up to Chachi and says, “I’ll grind turmeric for you, so you can do something else.” She agrees and leaves. Manmeet says, “I’ll grind turmeric and apply it to Meet’s hand.” He walks to Meet with turmeric paste and starts singing for her. From now on, your identity will be the result of me, since you are now Manmeet’s wife. Meet gets up and walks away. Jasodha and Gunwanti laugh at her. He says to himself, “I can see your anger in your eyes, so I’ll make you more angry so that you leave.”

In her room, she examines her hand and says, “I cannot do this ritual.” If you don’t want a tattoo, you can accept defeat, but if you listen to me carefully, you only have two options: either you make your own tattoo or you can return to your parents by taking this envelope with the bus ticket inside. As he mocks her, Manmeet says this time she will lose to me because of me.

Meet Ahlawat in tears says I don’t know what to do because I have to change my identity in order to fulfil Meet Ahlawat’s dream, and if I leave Sarkarpur, everyone’s dream will crumble. She looks at Meet Ahlawat’s pendant and says, I need your help, please. There hasn’t been a response from her end for two days. Babita says she’s as scared for her as she is for herself. Raj says it’s been two days but she hasn’t heard from her.

Meet gets a call from Raj and Babita. Raj asks how are you. Meet says I am doing well. Babita asks if they are troubling you. Raj says tell us if they are troubling you, and I will come over. The meeting says she is able to handle the situation and I’ll be back as soon as I get the documents back and disconnects her phone. The meeting says to herself that she needs strength right now to fight back.

In her words to Meghna, Meet will not be able to help us since she is defeated and going into darkness. Meghna assures us that if she will not perform the ritual, she will run, and in both aspects, it is her defeat. Meghna tells her not to worry because he will change both her and our faith in both situations. It will be my last move against Meet, Manmeet says to Sarkar.

In Raj’s voice, he tells Babita, “I think Meet is in trouble.” Babita replies, “I also feel the same way, she’s hiding something for us, and Meet won’t share anything that might harm us.” This is the way Meet deals with situations, Raj says, she takes all the pain and never lets anyone else feel it, and he prays to God that she will return to Ahlawat mansion early.

Manmeet tells Gunwanti to check on Meet, and Gunwanti says she will. She tells Meghna that if she wants to live here she has to follow all the rules and change her identity if she wants to come for rituals. Jasodha gets happy and says I think she ran away. Everyone laughs. Meet walks toward Manmeet and says I’m ready for the ceremony. Manmeet thinks you said yes in front of everyone but you won’t be able to do it. He says, “Okay, then let’s start the ceremony and ask Dadi to write “Manmeet’s Wife” on her hand.”.

Upon getting a tattoo, Manmeet tells everyone that her identity will change and that obeying me will be her only right. Meet shows Manmeet her tattoo and says it’s done and now everyone will call me your wife and you my husband. Dadi engraves a tattoo on her hand.

The precap

Manmeet standing outside the room says to Meet, Olympic authorities are on call, and I want to show them the state-level certificate. Meet gives him the certificate through the opening of the door.

There is no tattoo of Manmeet’s wife on her hand, so Meet asks how he could have made this mistake.

In front of everyone, Manmeet states that she does not have a tattoo of me on her hand.

When Jasodha points a sword at her, he says, “If this is true, then you will be punished by Sarkar’s sword.”.

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