Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2023 Written Episode: Bittersweet Beginnings and Heart-wrenching Farewells

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The Episode begins with Manish stating that Ruhi’s varmala ceremony went smoothly. Vidya inquires as to why he is mentioning it. Suwarna chimes in, saying that the varmala ritual always seems to have some obstacle. Manoj playfully teases Manisha, and they all share a laugh. Manish expresses his desire for no further hindrances in their marriage and wishes for their everlasting happiness. As the pandit asks Akshara to perform the kanyadaan, she hands over Abhira’s hand to Armaan and becomes emotional.

Similarly, Manish gives Ruhi’s hand to Rohit while Ruhi reminisces about Armaan. Charu ties the ghatbandhan, and the doctor requests Akshara to sign some papers. Rohit and Ruhi then complete their wedding rounds.

Everyone teases Ruhi with Yeh Rishta Kya… Rohit says I will always hold her, so how will she fall? Armaan and Abhira sign the papers. Kipling says I did everything I could, but I forgot to get the sindoor. Abhira says that’s fine; the signs are done. He gives the mangalsutra. Akshara says no. Abhira asked how we would arrange it right now. They see the temple. Akshara says Kanha ji will not let your marriage fall through.

Armaan gets Sindoor from there. He fills Abhira’s maang. Rohit fills Ruhi’s maang. Armaan makes Abhira wear mangalsutra. Rohit makes Ruhi wear mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Akshara smiles. Dadi, Manish, and everyone bless Rohit and Ruhi. She thinks of her family moments. She drops her hands. The machines beep. Abhira is shocked. Manish feels restless and falls. Everyone rushes. Ruhi asks if everything is alright with you.

Suwarna inquires about the situation and asks if Manish has experienced any dizziness. He assures her he is doing well, although he feels he has lost everything. Dadi empathizes, understanding how it can feel when a daughter leaves home—memories of Akshara flood Manish’s mind. Abhira also recalls Akshara and tears up while holding her hand. Ruhi embraces Manish, expressing her pain of feeling like she lost her family and home in an instant. Manish reminds her that she is fortunate to have a large and caring family. Suwarna joins in and hugs Ruhi, assuring her that she can always call if she misses them and they will visit her. Vidya suggests they all go to their home together and complete the Bidaai ritual there.

Manish says you kept our happiness; keep Ruhi happy. Dadi says no worries, we love our bahus a lot, and we guarantee Ruhi’s happiness. Doctor says I have done all the paperwork on your behalf, bring Akshara ji to the final rites. As Armaan says, Abhira, take your time. We’ll take Mam when you’re ready. Manish pushes the car, saying it’s my chance to do good deeds. Ruhi cries. Soni chidaiyya….plays…Armaan and Abhira take Akshara.


In the middle of the grahpravesh, Ruhi stumbles. Dadi says it’s a bad omen. Abhira says I won’t become your wife in real life, deal? Armaan looks at her.

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