Barsatein 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh’s Shocking Return Shakes Jai and Aradhana!


Barsatein 20th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai and Aradhana arguing about Kriti. He says same story will get telecasted tonight, I can’t listen to Kriti. At home, Nita scolds Jai for slapping Aradhana. She asks what everyone will think. She scolds Jai. Aradhana, you are Jai’s weakness. He loves you very much. The breaking news about Santosh Malviya is shown there. Reyansh plays the mouth organ. Everyone is shocked to see him.

He warmly greets them upon their arrival as Aradhana’s eyes fill with worry. He then asks Akash to watch his news channel, causing shock for him and Jai upon seeing the defamation case against Akash. However, Akash confidently claims proof, while Varun agrees with the news report. Reyansh takes this opportunity to lecture Jai, reminding him of the importance of carefully choosing which battles to fight and not blindly chasing after success like they used to in school. He smugly predicts Jai’s defeat and eagerly looks forward to celebrating over a meal together, knowing that jail food won’t be as delicious. Jai can’t bear to see Aradhana scared and pleads with Reyansh not to involve her in their feud. Firm in his belief that what he is doing is right, Reyansh disregards Jai’s protests and reassures Aradhana by saying he is both her fear and cure. This leads to an argument between the two men.

After being slapped by Aradhana, Reyansh finds himself laughing. “I knew it,” he remarks, confident that his presence alone can dispel any pain or fear she may be feeling. He then reflects on a previous meeting with a counselor, where he inquired about Aradhana. In his mind, their relationship is authentic and everlasting. However, when Aradhana expresses her hatred and fear towards him, Reyansh dismisses her words as insignificant compared to their love for each other. He believes that she is only fearful of losing him, mistakenly thinking he was dead at one point. According to Reyansh, her decision to choose Jai over him is based on misguided fears, and he insists she truly loves him.

Aradhana informs Reyansh that she has already conveyed the same message. Reyansh explains to Jai that Aradhana is correct and that he knows her well enough to believe her. Jai becomes furious and shoves Reyansh, but Aradhana intervenes to stop the fight. This leads to Reyansh reminding Jai of how he used to teach him, but now he has lost and will have to go to jail. Jai accuses Reyansh of sending Kriti false information, but Reyansh denies it and states that he only witnessed the drama unfold as Aradhana predicted. He reiterates that his knowledge of Aradhana ultimately led him to victory over Jai. The Facebook chat ends at this point.

She responds that you won’t beat Reyansh. Reyansh replies, “She can’t tolerate my pain because she can’t see you raising a hand on me.” Aradhana says, “I’m not saving you, but Jai,” I don’t want Jai to become a goon like you.” She says I understand, you spoke to my therapist, I’m afraid you’ll hurt my family with your madness. He says they have caused the harm. Reyansh says you are unable to understand your feelings.

Nita says Varun, call the police. He says no, the police would be locking your office. He tells them the truth about the Malviya news. Varun replies, but I checked everything. Santosh Malviya is not a smuggler, he imports medicines and food on his ship for the poor, Aradhana told you Jai, Jai, but you didn’t listen, Santosh Malviya is a national treasure, you made a mistake, your channel will be charged, Santosh will demand 11 million dollars. They are shocked.

The lawyer asks the staff to leave, and the police seal the office. Akash immediately objects, stating that such an event cannot take place. Varun echoes his disbelief, adding that this is a significant betrayal. Reyansh maintains a calm demeanor as he reveals that their bank accounts will be frozen. Just then, Akash receives a call and is shocked by the news that their accounts have been frozen. Reyansh takes advantage of the situation by blaming Jai for making a rash decision in anger. Nita points the finger at Aradhana for causing this chaos and mentions that Reyansh has finally attained what he wanted. Disappointingly, Reyansh accuses Jai’s family of not being supportive and caring in this difficult time.


Reyansh says I will take everything from Jai. Nita says the bank has sealed our house. Akash faints. Jai shouts Dad.

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