Teri Meri Doriyaan 29th December 2023 Written Episode: Garry Faces Humiliation from Yashraj!


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He tells Yashraj that his mother, Jasleen, was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Then Yashraj yells that he should obey his orders without argument if he intends to teach his father. Garry walks away feeling humiliated, but then Yash scolds his goon for letting the ambulance in. Goon says it was Garry’s order. Once his mission is complete, Yash says Garry will no longer burden him.

Sahiba overhears their conversation and assumes that Garry loves his father despite his selfish tendencies. Her mind drifts back to when Jasleen revealed that Yash had used her to further his ambitions, causing Garry to resent her. She can’t help but think Yash is a heartless person, knowing that this revelation will break Garry’s heart. Upon arriving at the hospital after speaking with the doctors, Sahiba informs the family that Jasleen will remain in the ICU until she regains consciousness. She then approaches Angad, who is tending to his injuries, and asks about the well-being of each family member. Sahiba reminds him that he is injured and that he should prioritize his well-being first.

After arriving at the hospital, Garry approaches Brars to inquire about Jasleen. However, they all refuse to speak with him and harshly scold him for his despicable actions. Upon hearing his voice, Sahiba emerges from a room. Garry explains that he is trying to find out where his mother is, but no one is willing to share information. Finally, Sahiba reveals that his mother is in the ICU. Before Garry can go there, Angad stops and scolds him for supporting his father’s destructive behavior towards their family. He also accuses Garry of bringing trouble upon his mother. In a desperate attempt to reason with Angad, Garry addresses him as “bro.” However, Angad warns him not to use such language as it insults him and dismisses Garry.

Yash reprimands his employees for awarding a contract to Oberois instead of Mehtas. Garry enters and justifies his decision by stating that Oberois has a faster delivery time. Yash scolds him for making decisions without consulting and reminds him that Mehta is a close friend. He asserts that he has worked hard to build the company and expects his orders to be followed. He directs the employees to cancel the contract with Oberois and give it to Mehtas instead. However, Garry informs Yash that his mother is currently in intensive care. Disregarding this, Yash dismisses Garry’s matter and belittles him by reminding him that he had nothing before coming to work for him. He insults Garry, calling him worthless and unfit despite having provided a lavish life for him.

Jasleen’s condition concerns the Brars. Prabjot says they will call Garry here, as Jasleen loves him and may wake up hearing his voice. When Angad sees Jasleen’s condition, he feels angry, saying Jasleen’s son and husband betrayed her and caused her to be so ill. If he gets someone who can justify him, he will prove Yash and Garry guilty and himself innocent.


Sahiba tells Angad that someone wants to help them. Angad asks who it is. Garry comes in. Yash thinks he will get a lot in exchange for junoon-e-dil diamond and will send Angad to jail.

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