Jhanak 4th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update: Jhanak’s Daring Escape and Unforeseen Twist

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The Episode begins with Jhanak and the lady exchanging places. As the lady prepares to become the bride, she instructs Jhanak to cover her face and collect the items Tejas sent. The man then hands over the jewelry and departs. The lady urges Jhanak to flee until she reaches the highway, as Tejas’ men will not spare her. Worried, Jhanak suggests they both run away together, but the lady declines, saying she will alert the police instead. Meanwhile, Anirudh and Rahul are en route and discuss contacting the authorities as they cannot defend themselves against Tejas’ men.

Rahul claims Tejas has power over the police, so we must involve the military. The woman then suggests that Jhanak should hold the jewelry, but Jhanak declines. Expressing concern for her safety, she tells Jhanak to contact her once she leaves the city and provides her with a number. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jhanak embraces the woman, and they both shed tears. She promises to return and repay her kindness, hopeful she will still be alive. In a heartfelt gesture, the woman wishes for Jhanak to find happiness, something she could not attain. Lastly, she encourages Jhanak to marry someone who loves and cherishes her.

Jhanak has reminded me to study and make my mother proud before leaving. Bharat decides to go to the Shiv temple for Tejas and Jhanak’s wedding. Dadi cautions him to be careful while he inquires about Lakshman’s whereabouts. She informs him that he has gone to search for Anirudh, and Arshi is concerned. Rukmani is called out by Tejas, causing Jhanak to pause. He asks if she has prepared Jhanak for the wedding, to which she nods. Tejas then instructs her to always stay with Jhanak, expressing his frustration that she left her alone earlier. He becomes angry and declares that he will get Jhanak himself, emphasizing that her responsibility is to take care of his bride-to-be. Jhanak follows him as he storms off.

She gets tense as he asks what she’s doing here. He says you’re going to see Tejas’ wedding. Are you jealous? I thought he would marry you. Get lost. She leaves. Tejas comes to Jhanak. He compliments her. Rukmani worries. You will become a queen, don’t sell flowers, don’t dance after marriage, and your mum has passed away, so I called your uncle to perform your kanyadaan. Don’t worry; it’s getting late. They leave.

After falling, Jhanak gets injured. Tejas and Rukmani come to the temple. Tejas speaks to Bharat. Jhanak then gets up and runs. Tejas is asked to go by Bharat. Anirudh asks who this girl is and why she is running. Rahul says stop. They see Jhanak. Rahul says you are here. Anirudh asks if she is okay. She says someone helped me run away, and Anirudh gives her water.

According to him, we should depart from this place. He mentions that Tejas’ associates may arrive at any moment. As they spot a car approaching, Anirudh quickly conceals Jhanak. Rahul pretends that the car has broken down. After Tejas and Rukmani tie the knot, Rahul suggests it is time for us to leave. When asked where we should go, Anirudh responds with concern. However, Jhanak interjects and shares her plan of seeking safety in her village with her loved ones. Worried about the potential arrival of Tejas’ men tomorrow, Anirudh inquires about their next steps. Jhanak expresses her resolve to not be afraid anymore after losing her mother and vows to fight against anyone who threatens her safety.

As Tejas fills the sindoor, Bharat asks Jhanak to lift the ghunghat. Tejas lifts the ghunghat. He is shocked when he sees Rukmani. The man says it’s a cheat.

Rahul says sorry I behaved badly with you, and I did it for your safety, Jhanak says take me to my village. Anirudh says let’s go. In the town, people discuss Jhanak and Anirudh. They get angry at Anirudh. Anirudh gets Jhanak. Rukmani says you kidnapped me and took me away from my family, then left me, and now you have to marry me. Tejas says shut up, and Bharat asks where Jhanak is. She says I locked her in the room. She thinks to keep them engaged in her discussion.

Rahul explains that Jhanak’s departure from Tejas’ house was not easy and that he could not bring her home. According to the villagers, Tejas is influential, and they fear he will find Jhanak if she stays here. Feeling unwelcome, Jhanak questions where she can go and expresses her frustration about her seemingly meaningless relationships. She refuses to be a victim of slavery and is determined to find a way to stay hidden. The other villagers warn of Tejas’ dangerous nature, claiming he could potentially burn down the entire village. However, another villager suggests that Anirudh is present and can take Jhanak away to Calcutta.


Anirudh refuses to get married. Jhanak says we can fake the marriage. Anirudh and Jhanak get married. Tejas says Jhanak shouldn’t leave Kashmir. Anirudh and Jhanak see Tejas.

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