Anupama 27th December 2023 Written Episode: Family Bonds, Unexpected Reunions, and Heartfelt Moments

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Ansh requests a bowl of Nachos, which Dimpy suggests replacing with a healthier option- oats topped with fruits and dry fruits. However, Ansh persists in having the Nachos. Dimpy then reminds him to eat quietly. Baa inquires about the identity of the person scolding Ansh and clarifies that she was addressing him. She encourages Ansh to try the oats instead. Vanraj promises to get a new video game for Ansh, to which he agrees. Suddenly, a courier arrives announcing a parcel received by Dimpy, who announces it is from her sister-in-law Kinjal Bhabhi. Baa expresses her longing for Toshu and his family, who have been making promises to visit but have failed to do so for the past five years. She adds that material gifts are not necessary; what they truly desire is to see their loved ones.

She says Pakhi left her husband, but why did she leave us? Vanraj asks what to do if they don’t want to live with us. Baa says she had three grandchildren. One died, one left the country, and one left the city. Now, she is raising her daughter alone in Delhi. Vanraj says I told her to go back, but she wouldn’t. He says he will bring her back when I meet her. He tells her to remain calm and look after Ansh.

Anupama recalls Vikram Bhai mentioning that Shruti is a frequent customer here and anticipates that she may bring my bag tomorrow. She reminded me that I had to leave for the embassy to retrieve my passport when the bag arrived. Anupama assures me that, for the time being, this is my home and encourages me to make it feel like one. She tidies up the floor and neatly arranges the boxes. As she discovers some party supplies, she decorates the storeroom with them. Among the items she finds is a picture of Ganapati Bappa in a book. Grateful, she thanked Bappa and displayed the image on a nearby shelf. Writing in her diary, Anupama expresses her gratitude for having found shelter. Thoughts of Choti come flooding back to her mind, and she awakens from her slumber. She affectionately refers to Choti as her Kanha (another name for Lord Krishna) and prays for his well-being under God’s care.

Choti gets hungry at night because she doesn’t eat well. He calls her Choti and says the food is hot. She shouts and asks not to be called Choti. She calls herself Aadhya instead. Anuj tells her he wouldn’t have made Chinese for you late at night if he didn’t love her. He apologizes. He asks if I should make a cake or bring it in from outside. She says you. Anuj asks why you arrived so late.

Aadhya reminds him not to fall into the stereotypical role of a father and explains that she has already informed him about her plans. In response, Anuj advises her not to share personal details with others and keep them private. Aadhya clarified that she had updated her timeline, to which Anuj questioned why she didn’t tell him directly. She justifies this by saying that being in the public eye requires such updates. Anuj responds with an “oh” and playfully takes a photo of her, teasingly mentioning his collection of angry pictures of her. Aadhya retaliates by taking a photo of him and challenging him to caption it as “arguing with my daughter Aadhya.” Anuj jokes about having a more oversized folder than hers while also expressing his concern about her frequent use of social media.

He recalls Anupama’s last meeting with him. She said you are dull; thank god Shru isn’t like you, and she said I wanted to share something with her. She says you appear calm but are the same old desi Gujrati Kapadia ji. As he says, you can share with me. Aadhya says she understands me well. Anuj says that she is dearer to you than I am. She says that she is dearer to you as well. Anuj sprinkles water on her for pulling his leg and runs behind her.

Vanraj will take Ansh to school and plans to speak with his teacher. Dimpy acknowledges this. They both get into the car. Vanraj reminds Baa to avoid eating anything at night as tomorrow is Babu Ji’s test. Baa agrees. After sending Dimpy away, she informs Vanraj that Babuji mentioned Anupama going to America. Vanraj remembers their past and asks if she went there to dance. Baa clarifies that she went to work as a chef in a restaurant. Vanraj mocks her and declares they have no connection with her before leaving. Baa defends Anupama’s job as a chef, emphasizing that it is not tiny and she has potential for growth.

Anuj and Aadhya both approach Shruti with complaints about the other. In response, Shruti kindly gifts them a pair of sports shoes. Aadhya then promises to tag her in a photo if she wins in the sport they are participating in. Taking advantage of the moment, Anuj takes a quick snapshot of them. However, Aadhya soon receives a message and excuses herself, leaving Shruti alone. Shruti confidently praises herself as she sits down to take a selfie, claiming to possess beauty, brains, and creativity. Amused by her confidence, Anuj wonders how he can convince Aadhya to refrain from taking countless selfies when her best friend is known for taking over 100,000 photos daily. He expresses his gratitude towards Shruti for being there for Aadhya during difficult times, such as their parents’ separation and their move from India to America. Anuj himself had given up all his businesses in India five years ago to make this move with Aadhya, and he acknowledges that Shruti has been handling Aadhya ever since then.

Shruti says she has that lady’s pic whose bag was exchanged with hers. Anuj says you take strangers’ photos, too. Shruti says our relationship even started when I snapped your picture. As she shows Anupama’s photo to Anuj on her laptop, Anuj gets distracted as Aadhya calls him, and he leaves. She thinks that this lady has something special about her. She sets the diya in the temple and prays to God. The fire alarm goes off just in time.


Anupama keeps the diya outside the restaurant. Adhya and Shruti come there. Shruti says she came to get her luggage, which was exchanged. She takes it from Anupama while Aadhya is taking selfies.

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