Teri Meri Doriyaan 4th April 2023 Written Update


Ajith shows Angad the room they prepared for him. Sahiba asks Ajith why they are so formal. Ajith replies that Angad was the first to arrive at their house. Angad is not going to stay for the night, Sahiba tells Ajith. Sahiba asks Angad if she is trying to send him away. Ajith tells him that he can stay here forever. Sahiba asks Angad if he is really going to stay here for the night. He says yes.

As Sukhi ji closes the door, Angad thinks Sahiba and Angad have to stay in this room together. Angad tries to tell Sahiba, but Sahiba closes Angad’s mouth. In response to Angad’s statement, Sahiba says that everyone is thinking everything is fine between them and that she will stay in this room so as not to make them suspicious. Sahiba makes a comment about Angad’s behaviour.

When Angad drops marbles on the floor, he slips stepping on them. Sahiba catches Angad. Ajith enters the room and apologizes for coming without knocking. Sahiba and Angad argue for a long time. Sahiba asks Angad to wear the dress that Ajith gave him. Sahiba leaves. Ajith brings clothes for Angad. After talking with Ajith about Sahiba and Angad being in their house, Santosh sees Sahiba arrive and leaves. Ajith tells Sahiba how much Santosh has prepared since Sahiba and Angad are visiting for the first time.

Ajith and Kirat tell Sahiba that Santosh might have realized her mistake. Ajith says she can forgive Santosh or not. Sahiba comes and helps Santosh take care of her burned hand. Santosh tells Sahiba how much she regrets what she did. Sahiba forgives Santosh and hugs her. Ajith sees this and teases Sahiba and Santosh. Santosh says she just wants to be happy.

Santosh remarks that all of the house members are here and someone needs to take care of Angad. Santosh sends Ajith and Sahiba away and asks Kirat to help her cook. Kirat agrees. Ajith asks Sahiba to call Angad after dinner preparations are completed. Sahiba notices that Angad is wearing the dress Ajith gave him.

Angad feeds Sahiba, while Sahiba tries to say there’s no need for this ritual. Sukhi ji asks Sahiba to feed Angad. Sahiba feeds Angad to teach him a lesson.

Monga’s feel elated, thinking everything is okay between Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba teases Angad.

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