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Anupama written update

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Gurumaa Malti Devi asked Anupama to come up with a dance story within 5 minutes and present it in front of her. Nakul inquired how Gurumaa would manage to meet so many participants in a single day, to which she replied that she knew her job. He then questioned if 5 minutes was really enough to make a story, but Gurumaa insisted that for a woman, anything is possible – she could put her child to sleep with lullabies during the night yet wake up god rudely in the morning; she could make five cups of tea within five minutes and decide everything within those same five minutes, so why wouldn’t she be capable of devising a dance story? Bhairavi enquired what Anupama was going to do now, attracting Gurumaa’s attention who asked details about her. Nakul explained that this girl was staying with Anupama ever since her father passed away.

Anupama nervously prayed to Kanhaji for an idea and came up with the solution herself – garnering inspiration from within. She closed her eyes and conjured all life events as Gurumaa announced that it was almost time for the presentation. Anupama said yes when asked if she

Leela persists in her attempts to contact Anupama, wondering if she has gone to meet Malti Devi or a prime minister. In the meantime, Bhairavi lends her support as Anupama performs an affecting dance to Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa….expressing the special relationship between child and mother. Gurumaa is so moved by this that she stops Anupama, prompting Nakul to send away the students and settle his teacher. He proclaims it has been a long time since he witnessed such a captivating performance – it was if Lord Natraj himself were dancing, and he was so enthralled that he wasn’t aware of Gurumaa’s emotions. He stresses how hard it is to find something as precious as Anupama, suggesting she be considered for their grand tour of the USA.

Anupama, nervously waiting outside, was hopeful Gurumaa would select her. Bhairavi expressed that their performance might not have been adequate. Anupama contended that Bhairavi had done her best. Nakul notifies Anupama that Gurumaa is summoning her. When she reaches there, Gurumaa remarks she’d had great anticipations of her and she exceeded them. Anupama was elated and asked if she could touch her feet as a student; to which Gurumaa acceded. Finally fulfilling the dream of a 12-years, Anupama excitedly kneels down to pay respects. However, Gurumaa interrupts and further states that a student is equivalent to the shadow of their teacher – they must accompany each other in all places and performances, such as the main branch in the USA; with expenses covered by the Gurukul for both herself and Bhairavi. For this, Anupama was required to sign a 3-year contract pledging not to visit family until then – leaving her speechless.

Leela sees Samar happily informing Dimpy that the nuptials have been arranged for a month from now. Dimpy is also elated hearing this news. Leela then calls Anupama and Gurumaa speaks to her, explaining how women are often given the status of goddesses and kept confined indoors. She highlights how a woman has to sacrifice herself to please her husband while she needs to learn to free herself from such limitations and stand up for herself. Gurumaa encourages Anupama about taking up the opportunity, noting that if she chooses to embark on this journey that it must be done sans emotional baggage; instead, her bag should be filled with talents. Bharavi tells Anupama that Leela had made a call and Malti turns towards her, asking if she wants time to think about it. Anupama states that up until this point she was obligated to put responsibilities before dreams but today she will be going after what sets her soul on fire. She signs the contract with memories flooding back in as Lakshya Ko Har Haal Me Paana Hai… plays in the background.


Leela informs her family about her USA visit. Family celebrates. Samar informs Maaya that Anupama will be attending the wedding.

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