Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th April 2023, Written Update

In her conversation with Chavans, Sai mentions that she doesn’t know whether Virat informed them or not, but that she is going to marry her colleague Satya. Even though she knows it is strange to inform her ex-husband’s family about her decision, she felt it would be best to do so as they had been on good terms. Sai knows Bhavani is angry at Virat due to his recent behaviour, but Bhavani says she and Saavi are family members and shouldn’t leave; she apologizes on behalf of Virat.

Sai demands Bhavani to cease the wrongdoing, as it’s evident she was the one who incited Virat in the first place when he went down on bended knee to propose to her. Abandoning the scene shortly thereafter, Sonali confronts Bhavani and wonders what kind of game she is playing–stirring up Virat against Sai before suggesting Satya was the better choice for her. To this, Sai states it isn’t a matter of parlour games, but rather that a family head needs to take effective action at times for the sake of those entrusted in their care. Comprehending what is happening is wrong on all fronts, Sai promises not to permit it anymore.

Satya’s family inquires as to what he is doing. He answers that they had asked him to wed yet now when he is ready, they don’t want him to marry Sai. He tells Amba that much like the way she raised him, Sai too is caring for her daughter with difficulty, so why not support her despite the fact that she has already been married before and has children of her own? Amba responds that she only wishes for his well-being during this period; she believes Sai’s past will disrupt their lives in peace as her ex-husband is very controlling, and he will never give them a moment’s rest. Satya declares that he will still marry Sai no matter what.

Amba explains that married people tend to prioritize their original family and their kids over everyone else, citing her own experience when she was expecting Satya in her tummy. She states how she wanted to elope with the man but instead of meeting her, he preferred his family instead. According to Amba, if Satya marries Sai there is a good chance he will be treated similarly which is why she cannot agree with it under any circumstances. Satya stubbornly insists on not getting married at all.

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